Vedic Teachings period should be Compulsorily In Schools: Manmohan Tiwari, Manager DAV LKO

(Late) Pandit Rhas Bihari Tiwari, a Freedom fighter, was born in Padrilalpur (Ghatampur Block), District Kanpur Dehat, 100 Kilometer away from state capital of Uttar Pradesh, in the year 1883 AD.
His school days were spent in Ganeshganj, Lucknow. From the very beginning of his excessive leaning towards patriotism and nationalism, he took the active and leading role in Indian freedom movement of his time.
He won the block election in Ghatampur at a very young age, and thus became the member of U.P. Legislative Council. During all India struggle “Simon Go Back” agitation of 1928, under the leadership of Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant, he vehemently opposed this Act. 
In Lucknow, Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant and Pandit Rhas Bihari Tiwari  led the agitation of this struggle, which was brutally lathicharged in Charbagh, Lucknow, in which in order to save Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, both Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant and Pandit Rhas Bihari Tiwari  was badly injured, as they took the assault of lathi’s on to them. As a mark of protest, against “Simon Commission” and the brutal lathicharge on the agitators, Pandit Rhas Bihari Tiwari  resigned from the membership of U.P. Legislative Council while shouting “Simon Go Back”.
While establishing the Arya Samaj Temple at Ganeshganj, Lucknow, Pandit Ras Bihari Tiwari Ji tried to ensure that the ethical, philosophical and moral principles of Arya Samaj shall be spread in the society and stressed that the females especially should be focused. Taking into consideration these high principles, Vedic Girls School was established in Arya Samaj Temple in Ganeshganj. Just beside Vedic Girls School, a grand Akhara (Gymnasium) and a park too was established in front of Arya Samaj Temple, later on this park was popularly known as, ‘Pandit Rhas Bihari Tiwari Park’.
The purpose was to help youth serve society by keeping themselves mentally sound and bodily fit. In July 1918, DAV School was established in the premises of Arya Samaj Temple, Ganeshganj, which was in due course developed into Intermediate College and Post-Graduate College. Today it is popularly known as D.A.V. Inter College and D.A.V.P.G. College.
Pandit Rhas Bihari Tiwari graced Municipal Board, Lucknow as member from 1926 AD to 1944 AD and served it for long as Chairman, Education Committee. As a mark of homage and tribute to this great son of soil, the Nagar Nigam, Lucknow has named the road, from Naka Hindola to Tudiaganj(then Victoria Ganj), after him.
Earlier it was known as “Aishbagh road”, but now it is known as “Pandit Rhas Bihari Tiwari Marg”. When (late) Pandit Rhas Bihari Tiwari was Municipal Commissioner Lucknow, he established “Arya Nagar Settlement” near Mohan road, today it is run by the government of Uttar Pradesh and popularly today it is known as “Deaf-Dumb school”.
Pandit Rhas Bihari Tiwari, during his tenure ensured that a separate period shall run in order to teach the Vedic teachings compulsorily in the schools.
Basic purpose being to eradicate the feeling of untouchability and snobbery, while ensuring that, all students must be provided same education so that the social harmony shall be established. In order to make the needy, poor, destitute and females a ‘self-reliant’, Arya Samaj Temple, Ganeshganj established “Arya Samaj Tailoring School”, so that students belonging to weaker sections of society shall learn and empower themselves and thus serve and support their family financially.
In order to promote and develop the consciousness and awareness of “Games and Sports” activities in students, so that their life shall become healthy and fit, (Late) Pandit Rhas Bihari Tiwari made a playground in the DAV College campus.
 In order to gave a concrete insight and vision of (Late) Pandit Rhas Bihari Tiwari, the present Managing committee developed this playground into a grand Cricket Stadium, which was inaugurated on 26 March 2006 by  the Cabinet Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shivpal Singh Yadav.
This Cricket Stadium is a rare treasure for the Cricket fans and lovers residing in the central region of Lucknow. This stadium hosts a number of cricketing tournaments round the year. Many national level players also played cricket on  several occasions, in this cricket stadium.
In the end, this great patriot, freedom fighter, renowned educationist, social worker, a great thinker and one who always endeavored to develop Lucknow a better place, our beloved Pandit Rhas Bihari Tiwari, left this world for heavenly abode on 22 October, 1944 AD at King George Medical College, Lucknow at the age of 61 Year. 

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