Family Planning As Splendid Work By Sanjay Gandhi: Pranab Mukherjee wrote in ‘The Turbulent Years 1980-1996’

President Pranab Mukherjee what have written in his new book ‘The Turbulent Years 1980-1996’ about Sanjay Gandhi, it may create new dispute. Pranab Mukherjee not only strongly appreciated Sanjay Gandhi in his book, but also reckoned his controversial family planning as a splendid work.
President told the demolition of Babri Masjid was a most ashamed incident and has written that it was such incident which tarnished the image as tolerant and harmony of India. He wrote that the demolition of Babri Masjid was a big debacle of Narasimha Rao government.
Pranab Mukherjee before being elected president has passed his long tenure in politics. He is one of the countable leaders who had been the union minister till 22 years and took over charge as foreign minister, defense minister and finance minister. As the vice president Hamid Ansari was launching the book ‘The Turbulent Years 1980-1996’, all the eyes pinned on it how many secret have Pranab disclosed in his book; while he said that he was not much liberal on this issue.
Pranab Mukherjee  began his book since June 23, 1980 when Sanjay Gandhi had died in a helicopter crash. Pranab Mukherjee wrote Sanjay Gandhi’s appreciation in detail. Sanjay Gandhi was impersonated as a villain and the venom against him was spit, but Sanjay was a fine thinker, talkative and fearless leader. He had planned 5 point agenda in the favour of society which had the family planning.
Pranab Mukherjee has written that Babri Masjid was a big failure of the former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao who could not saved it. After the demolition of Babri Masjid, introducing of his meeting with Narasimha Rao, Pranab wrote, “I chide him in anger; and asked about one who could advise him rightly there. I further asked, ‘you don’t understand about the danger of this incident.’ At least now you should take a strong step to console the Muslims sentiments. Narasimha Rao in his familiar attitude was hearing silently every words, but his face reading was showing that he was saddened and was in fiasco.” Pranab Mukherjee ratified that it was his blunder to form a separate party after he was expelled from congress in 1986.

Pranab strongly ruled out that he was seeking to be the prime minister after the killing of Indira Gandhi. Pranab writes referring an interview of Rajeev Gandhi to the Editor India Today that Rajeev had accepted in this interview to Arun Puri before his murder that he was misinformed about him.

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