Mother lost her son: PM Modi on student suicide

Prime Minister Narendra Modi when arrived Lucknow Central Ambedkar University this noon after the visit of his constituency Varanasi on Friday, the students protested Prime Minister for the suicide of Rohith Vemula.  The commotion of students was seen in the meeting of Prime Minister; and the chanting slogan ‘Modi Go Back’ was heard; As did the Prime Minister addressing start, he became emotional uttering the name of Rohith.
Prime Minister in his speech introducing the suicide of Rohith Vemula in Hyderabad said that the hapless student had to take such drastic step as suicide. It was noticeable that the PM was emotional at the time of speaking and was silent for a little moment.
Prime minister said, “When the information comes that a young son of India Rohith helplessly committed suicide…; what would happened to his family?  Mother India lost her a son. The death cause may have been in its own condition; the politics may have played its own tune; but the truth is that mother India lost her son.”
Shahnawaz Alam and Rajeev Yadav, spokesperson of Rihai Manch issued in a statement, said that the students of Ambedkar University Lucknow, chanting slogan ‘Modi go back’, sent a message to the whole world that the argumentative society would not tolerate the fascist rule; whether to prevent it may arrange how much protection.
Prime minister said that he felt the agony of Rohith’s death. The uproarious students were taken out from the place; later the addressing of PM started.
Prime Minister broke the silence in his constituency. It is noticeable that Prime Minister Modi and his government is on target of opposition after the suicide of Dalit student Rohith Vemula of hyderabad university.
The opposition has dubbed the matter Dalit Vs non-Dalit, while HRD minister Smriti Irani dismissed absolutely this allegation and stressed in her statement on word Dalit.
The Prime Minister Narendra Modi silent on the Dalit issue raised by the opposition so far said in Varanasi that his government is committed to work generously for deprived, poor, and downtrodden. It was interesting that Modi did not recall Rohith Vemula matter during the programme to distribute helping instruments to the disabled. Prime minister flagged off Mahamana Express a new train between Varanasi and Delhi. The train to travel is very comfortable with various latest need equipments.
Introducing an accident in Varanasi in morning said prime minister in his speech, “A few more disabled were coming to meet with us; but a mishap on way occurred”.
He said the government will provide them the proper treatment. The care of disabled children is the responsibility of society. Wherever we will have to change the rules and system, we will alter as per requisition — the government is committed to the poor and trying to change their lives!

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