Our power will fight against terrorism:Francois Hollande, French President

“India is that country which taught the world to love the nature. Our ancestors taught us to love with the nature. We look the God in green plant; It is our tradition”.
French President Francois Hollande and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
A deal to purchase 36 fighter planes has been finalized between the both countries on Monday during a high level meeting between the PM Narendra Modi and French President Francois Hollande. Mr Holande has reached to visit India for 3 days. The memorandum of understanding has also been signed. Mr Hollande and PM Modi went to Gwal Pahari by Metro Train. PM Modi and president, Hollande launched a secretariat of International Solar Alliance here.
PM Modi on the occasion said, the world is concerned to down the global worming since last one year; but India, America and French have stepped ahead towards the innovation of it. Modi said, ”The energy has its much importance for the development of any country. These three countries are trying that such innovation should be supported which may be stable, cheap and in the access of all”.
PM Modi told that the alliance of India, America and French will be in the interest of the world. Modi told that the protection of the environment is the tradition of India. He said, “India is that country which taught the world to love the nature. Our ancestors taught us to love with the nature. We look the God in green plant; It is our tradition”.
Modi said that the headquarters of the ISA is in India, but this is a global organization which will work in the interest of whole people.
India puts the opinion: Why not we prepare the organization of such Countries in the world, which is in the range of sun light more than 300 days?; Why not we search the way to help the world having accepted as a power; why not we form an organization of 122 Countries, which have the power of sun light?
 The chief of all the countries of the world on 30th November last year was present in that ceremony where the ISA named organization took birth.
 The headquarter of this organization is in Gurgaon; but it is a global organization, as the WHO, the UN are of the whole world, exactly like ISA will work in the interest of the whole world. Those Countries which dwells on islands have a fear when the sea water level rises they will end.PM Modi said, "I have met with the leaders of Island Countries."
This alliance will provide them the life. Modi expressed the Gratitude to Hollande for the help.
On this occasion the President of French Hollande said that Solar Alliance is a gift of India to the world which is fighting with the changing climate.
 He said, "It’s a start of the country where uncountable people welcome the rising sun in the morning during YOGA so that the sun can provide energy to whole world."
 He said that the world facing the sting of global warming will feel the relief with the initiative of India.
 Holande said, “India is leading the developing Countries. The decision of India and the result of step will affect these countries too."
He said,”the solar alliance is completing its purpose. It is a gift of India to whole world France is feels pride joining the alliance with India."
 Both the leaders expressed their pleasure with the deal of 36 fighter planes.
 The PM Modi said, "Our 18 year’s old friendship has strengthened with the border security up to solar energy, smart city and nuclear power.”
PM Modi added the traditional relation between India and France. He also said one more statement on the depth of the relation.   

The guest president Hollande said during the welcome in president house, “ We will spare no attempt to fight against the ISIS a terror organization of the world.”

Hollande said, “We will spare no attempt to fight against the ISIS a terror organization of the world. As we had recently declared during emergency, we will try every possible step.”
He said, “The French is not afraid of ISIS. We will try to eliminate them.” It is to inform that the ISIS had attacked serially in Parish last year which had claimed life of many innocent people. France had started to target the ISIS and the emergency was declared in the country.”
Hollande said that India and France is facing every type danger. He said, “Our power will fight against terrorism.”
The Rafale deal was expected to get further direction; but according to information the negotiation could not be approved yet. Hollande had said before his departure to India, "both the Countries are going ahead in right direction for the deal." All eyes were pinned on 36 Rafel Fighters deal during Holande visit, but according to information that Rafale deal is not prepared fully. The haggling to purchase was continuing whole night; but conclusion did not result. The deal will have a protocol agreement.  The deal is of 60000 crore rupees between both Countries. The hundred delegate members are with the French President, specially the Dassault Aviation and DCNS officials are included in the members. Rafale Fighter Jet is the brand of Dassalt Aviation. It is expected that both Countries will sign on inter Governmental agreement regarding the Rafale deal during this visit. The French has to sell 36 Rafale plane to India for which the deal has been finalized. The defense Ministry has to modernize the Army with this fighter plane purchase. The deal is just pinned on money; India is not ratifying the cost of French Company. The planes are being manufactured by Dassalt Aviation and the company will have to give the technology to India.
 After the welcome in President House, guest President reached RajGhat and pay floral tribute to Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He planted sapling there.

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