Pak going to send a special investigating team to Pathankot; India welcome step

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The denial of Pakistan since Pathankot terror attack and then the scheduled of meeting on Friday has been extended the coneversation. Both the country declared the new date for meeting will shortly confirm although Pakistan did not confirm the arrest of Masood Azhar, Jaish-e-Chief.
Mr Vikas Swaroop, spokesperson for foreign Ministry, said, “we welcome the statement of Pakistan. Both the country will decide new date for negotiation." 
The terrorist who was claimed to have been arrested is wandering freely in Pakistan. The Indian diplomacy and the politics of following action worked correctly and Nawaz Sharif is unable to do some action, consequently is Pak going to send a special investigating team to Pathankot.
The statement concludes that the investigation got an important progress. We took the cognizance of the arrested members of Jaish-e-Mohammad. It is an important positive step. We are waiting the Pakistani SIT.
The investigative agencies of India will co-operate the needful to Pak SIT. The foreign secretary has talked with his counterpart and both have accepted to reschedule their talks again in near future.

Mr Swaroop clarified, “None of us is unhappy; the talks defer with mutual understanding.”

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