President of India, Pranab Mukherjee has given his assent to impose president rule in Arunachal Pradesh on Tuesday evening. Nabam Tuki, Chief Minister, has declared to fight under law against central government on being imposed of president rule in the state.
According to the information, the president rule has been imposed after the acceptance of proposal of Cabinet. The union cabinet had recommended on Sunday to impose the president rule in the state, after it the proposal was sent to the president.
The Chief Minister Tuki in December on deepen political crises had alleged on the state governor Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa that he was working like an agent of BJP. Governor had the legislators of Congress made rebel to fail government.
Rile up with the imposition of president rule, Chief Minister said that he would fight for the decision under the law against the central government. He said, “We were already aware that they would do exactly like this because he has such intention. We will not afraid; we will fight under the law; we have 31 legislators.”
Actually, a few legislators of congress in Arunachal Pradesh became rebellious. They all had proposed no confidence motion with the BJP on December 16-17 last year; the state government lost its majority. According to the information, the state government was not in the mood to dismiss the government. The horse trading was continued.
The assembly was sealed in December last year by state government, but the rebellious legislatures had called session in a hotel. The speaker of the house had cancelled the 14 rebellious legislatures' membership of congress; but the deputy speaker had restored the membership all of them before the no confidence motion.
Guwahati High Court on 14th January had cancelled the 2 days session of December when no confidence motion was proposed; and the impeachment was proposed against the speaker of assembly. The matter was filed before the supreme court of India, but the court has sent this political issue litigation before constitutional bench, which is under consideration of justice.
Arunachal assembly has been constituted with 60 seats. The congress had won 42 seats in the assembly election 2014; The BJP secured 11; and Peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh won 5 seats. The PPA merged later in Congress and the party achieved the strength of 47, but the chief minister of state has now only 26 assembly legislators’ support; and the government to stay in power must have the majority of 31 assembly members’ confidence.

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