Sivagiri Mutt as chief symbol of social unity and reform: Sonia Gandhi in Kerala

Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, attacked indirectly on BJP, said, “‘communal thoughts and person’ are trying to capture the heritage of renowned social reformer Sri Narayan Guru. Sonia Gandhi said what Guru had taught is being tried to make communal, and it is a cheat for him.”
She said during her addressing in the opening of 83rd annual pilgrimage of Sivagiri Mutt here, “Prejudice; bigotry and dividing our diverse society; the people who intend to obtain the ruling power; and the communal thoughts all have tried to capture the heritage of Sri Narayan Guru.”
She further added, “I think, ‘it is a big deception with Naryan Guru.’” The statement of Sonia Gandhi on the background of Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam(SNDP) associated with BJP in Kerla has importance. There is assembly election next year in Kerla and SNDP is an organization of backward Ezhwa community. The community has its strong hold.
Sonia said, “Narayan Guru believed in respect of all religions; and he preached to his disciples to respect all religion.”
She said, “He had stressed publically the need of promoting the universal peace, harmony and prosperity of all religion and avoiding the religious conflict in 1924 at Aluva a place in Ernakulam.”

Sonia said, “ Guru had founded the Sivagiri Mutt as chief symbol of social unity and reform.”

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