Student Death Sparked Mass Protest in Hyderabad University

Rohith Vemula in circle left; after his death family in grief
The politics in the matter of suicide by a Dalit Student in Hyderabad University has got a momentum. The AAP and the Cong began to encircle the Modi government for the charges of Union Minister, Bandaru Dattatreya. The protest by the students union is also in momentum. Hyderabad police has sent a report based on facts in the matter to the home ministry. The renowned writer, Ashok Bajpai on Tuesday, returned his D'Litt Degree to protest, which he ever had achieved from Hyderabad University.
The vice president of congress Rahul Gandhi reached Hyderabad on Tuesday. He met with the protesting students of hyderabad central university. Rahul said, “The students are fighting against injustice and social exclusion of Dalit students in university.”
Rahul alleged, “There was a pressure by Minister from Delhi, which gave the student no other option except suicide.”
Vice chancellor paid no responsibility and did not met with Rohith's  family of , Rahul Gandhi said. Rahul Gandhi demanded the compensation to the next kin of deceased Rohith Vemula. The protest by the students is under repression. Rahul assured, “he and the congress are with the students’ fight and he is in support that every sect must have the rights to express their voice.”
Congress started targeting the union government after surfaced the name of union minister Dattatreya in the case. Congress is attacking on Modi government since the charges on Union Minister. Congress, dubbed Modi government against Dalit; asked the resignation of Bandaru Dattatreya. CPM tried to encircle union government. YSR congress demanded the CBI inquiry in whole matter.
AIMIM chairman and MP Asaduddin Owaisi said, “vice chancellor must be arrested and should be removed from post.” He asked the resignation of Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya. The BJP has hit back the precipice of attack by the congress party. Srikant Sharma said, “The congress is issueless.” He said the vice president Rahul Gandhi mostly lives in foreign and as if any issue surfaced, he comes ahead to politicize it
The chief minister of Delhi and AAP convener, Arvind Kejriwal condemned the incident saying it murder of democracy and demanded dismissal of Bandaru Dattatreya. Kejriwal tweeted, “it’s not suicide; it’s a murder; it’s the murder of democracy, social justice and equality. Modi ji ought to apologies with country removing his minister from the post.”
Mr dattatray is charged with abetting the commission of suicide and broke the SC/ST act. There were mass protest in Delhi and Hyderabad to remove the union minister and vice chancellor. Union labour minister, Bandaru, is charged with that he had directed to take action against the Dalit students. However Bandaru has refused the charges. Bandaru had wrote a letter to HRD Minister Smriti Irani to take action in the case of ABVP students’ manhandling in August last year. The 5 students were suspended after this correspondence.
One day hunger strike was staged by students of FTII Pune against the suicide abbeting of Dalit student. The FTII students dubbed it state conspired suicide of Dalit student. The students are protesting in Hyderabad university; the situation is tensed in the campus. A few teachers are also supporting the students. Rohith Vemula hanged body was found in university hostel room, which caused a mass protest.
Rohith was in those 5 research scholars, who were suspended by central university Hyderabad in August last year. He was allegedly involved in the assault of a student leader. The university had banished the research scholars from hostel. Congress has alleged the BJP rule is with ‘anti-Dalit agenda and thought’ and said that the death of Rohith was hatched the conspiracy by Dattatreya, HRD Minister Irani and their accomplices in ABVP.

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