Suicide Bomber Blew up Himself Near Russian Embassy in Kabul

A mini bus was in target when a suicide bomber blew up himself near Russian embassy in Kabul national capital of Afganistan on Wednesday. The powerful explosion injured 24 and killed 7 people on the spot. No organization has taken the responsibility yet.
According to Afghani home department stated that 7 people killed and 24 injured in this attack. The road, where exploded, goes towards Darul Aman Mahal. The Mahal(mansion) is damage now. It was built by Amanullah Khan, the king of afghanistan. The explosion diffused the fume in the surrounding areas.
 The ambulance and the vehicles of fire extinguisher crew after bomb blast were rushed to the spot. The attack was committed after 2 days of second round international talks in a bid to restore Taliban peace talks. The aim is to end the past 14 years Taliban fundamentalism through talk. The delegates from many countries participated in this talk. Afghanistan, Pakistan, china and American delegates held a day meeting on Monday in Kabul. The first round of talks was held in Islamabad last week. Taliban was absent during talks.
Afgani parliament was under terror attack last year in June. The terrorists had blown up the lower house. More than 9 explosions were occurred in sequence during the attack. Taliban terrorist organization had taken the responsibility of attack.
 The terrorist in Afghanistan has been attacking continuously on the foreign embassy. The attack by the rocket on Italian embassy was committed in the past days. The Indian embassy at Mazar-e-sharif was targeted after Pathankot attack. The two terrorists were killed during the encounter.
Afgan police disclosed, “The Pakistan military was involved in the terror attack at Indian embassy in Afganistan.” A senior police officer had told that there were Pakistani army personnel in the attack at Mazar-e- Sharif. The encounter between the security guard and the terrorists took 25 hours to end.

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