Ultimate Amar Singh's Intimatcy and Samajwadi Party

Azam Khan, state cabinet minister of Uttar Pradesh -- FILE PHOTO
The SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav has recently said about former leader, Amar Singh, of samajwadi party that Mr. Singh was never expelled from party. He said, “He was forever and will remain with party.”
What had Mohan Singh, then general secretary of Samajwadi Party on 2nd February 2010, said with media, “Amar Singh attempted to 'deshape' the SP. His entry in the party was capitalist and communal intrusion intended to damage the socialist movement."
He had said that to free the party from such forces, the party decided to expel him from the primary membership with a "heavy heart".
The party had also suspended membership of four MLAs - Madan Chauhan, Sandeep Agarwal, Ashok Chandel and Sarvesh Singh – all were Amar Singh loyalists.
Mr AZAM KHAN, the cabinet minister in state government and prominent man in politics, reacting on Saturday said, "Neta ji has had the discretionary power for the interest of party; whom he like, he can take; and can expel from party if he think so."
It is noticeable, the SP chief Mulayam Singh has said in a programe two days ago, “ Amar Singh is in my heart.”
When the media asked with Azam Khan about the love story, Mr Khan said gently, “At the heart of matter; generous heart decides If the heart is the heart.”

    Azam Khan added, “The generous heart hid who is in his vent; who he forgets, only he has to decide it; I don’t have to decide."
Azam Khan said on suicide matter of a student at Hyderabad University that the vice chancellor took action late; it had better if the action would have been taken earlier. It is true that it was not a suicide: abetting to commit suicide is a big crime as the doing of murder.

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