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Monday, February 29, 2016

Symposium held on Women Empowerment for Healthy Nation Emerging Perspectives and Issues

By on Monday, February 29, 2016

Ram Vishal Tripathi, Manmohan Tiwari, SB NimseJai Shankar Prasad hall at DAV PG College Lucknow-- by Priya Bhatt
Lucknow:The national seminar on ‘Women Empowerment for Healthy Nation Emerging Perspectives and Issues’ has been organized on Monday in DAV PG College Lucknow.
Prof. SB Nimse, vice chancellor of Lucknow University, said the importance of education in the women empowerment he ratified that the gender disparity in higher education is reducing. He added that the girls’ medal list were prepared separately; but it has useless process now because of most medals are secured by the girls.
He further said that the admission of girls during his tenure has increased in Lucknow University.
The programme coordinator, Dr. M.P. Garg, presented the brief profiling of one day seminar high-lighting the purpose.
Professor Rakesh Chandra, head of philosophy department, presented in the reference of development to the women empowerment in philosophy (subject) enforcement. 
Professor Chandra said that the development connects to the human development, we get the chance of discussion on their contributions and position of women in development. 
The human powers and the historian both have not depicted exact roles in development from begining of women. The roles of women’ contribution in the fields, war and creation of knowledge have been ignored. The professor added that  the social inequality should be abolished to provide the rights to the half population in development.
The chief guest Surbhi Shukla appreciated the projects as 1090 for women security helpline number, and told the government plans for women is important.
Manmohan Tiwari discussed  about the contribution of Arya Samaj in the field of women education. he said that the DAV PG college provides co-education, and the numbers of girls students is increasing continuously. The symposium was addressed by many prominent professors in Jai Shankar Prasad Hall.


By on Monday, February 29, 2016

LUCKNOW: A student, 22, resident of DSMRU hostel, started fracas that suddenly turns violent at the lunch time when he was having his meal on Sunday afternoon.
according to the information, a student of MBA second year, Ashish Tiwari, was having his lunch in the mess hall. He asked the retinue to serve him some salt. The serving man did not recognise the soda powder, and give the boy soda in place of salt that caused the manhandling incident. The boy slapped to Rajesh, worker of mess owner, who gave him soda.

The hostel warden reached the spot and to pacify the matter called the university registrar. After the registrar arrival the mess owner was called. The students crowd surged there which turned into manhandling. The  vulnerable mess owner was there. The registrar has directed the mess owner that he will have to follow previous rules and will make provision of different dishes.

Uttar Pradesh Work Charge Emplyees Of Van Nigam staged continue Dharna on 42nd Day

By on Monday, February 29, 2016

The Work Charge employees of Uttar Pradesh Van Nigam have been staging Dharna continues at Laxman Mela Maidan Lucknow from the past 42 days on Sunday in protest against the apathy by the Managing Director for abiding the order of government. They are demanding their regularisation.
It is noticeable, The government order had been issued on 8th september 2010 for the regularisation of Work Charge employees in the government departments, the local bodies, the development authority, the public enterprise/Nigam and Awas evam Vikas parishad.

The group of employees alleged that the managing director, Iqbal Singh, is mis-interpreting the meaning of the government orders and delaying the regularisation of the employees, sending a letter to the government for guidance.

DIET guest lecturers staged continue Dharna on 8th day on Sunday at Laxman Mela Maidan Lucknow. The lecturers have been demanding their regularisation and the outstanding dues that they have not yet received since next month of appointment.
The president of the DIET union, Brijendra Yadav, said, " Unless we meet our pending demands, we will continue our indefinite Dharna."

Their chief demands are: to back again the guest lecturers on work who were removed by DIET principal in various districts; and the honorarium should be paid in time; the removed lecturers have the required eligibility according to the public service commission and the procedures adopted to appoint them were identical to the Service Commission -- so be adjust; the honorarium since  last 3 years  was not paid that has brought them on the verge of starvation must be paid them.


 Lucknow: After qualifying medical fitness test in the direct recruitment for the posts of constables in the state police the candidates staged Dharna on Sunday at Laxman Mela Maidan in Lucknow.
They said that they hails from the rural areas and living standard is below poverty line. They were demanding that the government had filed in its affidavit in the supreme court that the state government had the shortage of police force in the state. This step by the government might be to save the candidatures that had been disqualified in the high court for the use of unfair mean on the answer books during examination.
They further said, " if these candidates had been merged into the declared result on 16 th july last year, the merit would have been high; consequently these candidates might have been out from the selection."
They were demanding their appointment letters and were telling they,  a few days later, will cross the required age limit.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lucknow Christian College Organised Recognition Day

By on Sunday, February 28, 2016

The students’ recognition day was organized in Matthews Hall and celebrated on Saturday in Lucknow Christian Degree College. The programme held by the college for the meritorious undergraduate and the post graduate students who had secured their first ranks in the academic examination conducted by the University of Lucknow.
According to the tradition of medals distribution and the certificates which the college principal, Dr. DA Harrison, have made felicitated to the students, assured their careers if any of them may apply on the vacancies, they will be given preference. The college is well known for certain principles and traditions.
The programme has its own unique provision and the 70 students who had been first in academic position in the session 2012-15 were from different faculty; namely, Art, Science, and Commerce.

The chief guest of the programe was senior alumni who gave the medal to the students for their performances. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mayawati condemned strongly HRD minister on Rohith suicide

By on Saturday, February 27, 2016

In the matter of Rohit Vemula the BSP chief in the Rajya Sabha on Friday, having sought "head cession” of Smriti Irani, condemned strongly union minister out of the parliament house.
Mayawati said, “Smriti, having come in parliament lobby, had apologized, which I had forgiven him; but the union government is trying to defame ‘Dalits and Adivasis’ in the name of Durga and Mahishasur.
Mayawati has expressed her dissatisfaction on the response by the HRD minister on Rohith Vemula, the student of Hyderabad University; Mayawati said out of the House, “She came in lobby and apologized for her behavior. We excused her then. I felt she was immature; therefore I have forgiven her, but I have also said to change her attitude, or she cannot go ahead.”
The setter of political power on main Dalit vote bank in UP, BSP chief said, “Dalits and Adivasis of the country have been defamed on the name of Durga Maa and Mahishasur. Dalits and Adivasis had saved Sita. Mahishasura issue was raised because the government intent to suppress the matter of Rohith Vemula suicide probes.”
Mayawati added, “Whatever the union government had put the matter on 24 February respond only it that the inquiry commission has a Dalit member or not.” It was not responded a day before and the government did not respond well on Friday. The BSP chief further said that the HRD minister issued gazette on February 2 for the inquiry commission is illegal. It should have passed first in both Houses.”
Mayawati repeated her statement out of the House. He said, “I am not convinced with her response. She had said, 'She will present her chopped head before me if I am not convinced.'  I am not agreed…. put forward now her chopped head unto my feet.’"
The former chief minister said, “It is sad that the leader of congress play only in the matter of Dalit. They were silent when I raise the whole matter in House. It reveals that the congress and the BJP both are the close brothers in the matter of Dalits.”

Friday, February 26, 2016

Cease-fire To Take Effect At Midnight Friday Local Time In Syria.

By on Friday, February 26, 2016

The truce will not cover the Islamic State group and the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front.

AP NEWS: Russia's Foreign Minister says he hopes Washington will keep its obligations under a Syria truce deal negotiated by Russia and the U.S.
Sergey Lavrov voiced hope Thursday that the White House will respect the deal envisaging the cease-fire to take effect at midnight Friday local time.
Lavrov was asked to comment on a Wall Street Journal report alleging that some administration officials were pushing for ways to increase pressure on Moscow. Lavrov said in comments carried by Russian news agencies that there is no alternative to the cease-fire deal.
The agreement was announced Monday after President Barack Obama spoke with Russia's President Vladimir Putin by telephone, capping weeks of intense diplomacy to stem the violence. The truce will not cover the Islamic State group and the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front.
 The U.N. special envoy for Syria says he will convene the first meeting of a task force meant to monitor the cease-fire in Syria that will go into effect at midnight Friday. Staffan de Mistura predicted a "crucial" day ahead of the start of the truce brokered by the United States and Russia.
Various sides in Syria's civil war have a noon Friday deadline to say whether they will abide by the deal, which excludes U.N.-designated terrorist groups like the Islamic State organization and al-Qaida's branch known as the Nusra Front.
De Mistura spoke to reporters Thursday in Geneva. Also at the press conference was his top humanitarian adviser, Jan Egeland.
Egeland said convoys have reached 110,000 people over the last two weeks, including the hard-hit eastern Ghouta region in the last three days.
 A spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry says Russia is seeing progress ahead of the start of a truce in Syria.
Maria Zakharova is also lauding efforts by Russia and the United States — the two countries that engineered the truce — to makes sure the cease-fire holds.
The cease-fire is to go into effect on midnight Friday. The Syrian opposition has agreed to abide by the truce but expressed major concerns about what it said were ambiguities and the lack of clear mechanism to implement the agreement.
Zakharova also told reporters on Thursday that the U.S. and Russian militaries have begun exchanging intelligence on terrorist groups in Syria.
Turkey's prime minister says he is concerned that Russia will continue to hit Syrian civilians or the moderate opposition during the upcoming truce agreed
Ahmet Davutoglu has accused Russia of striking the moderate opposition in Syria in the past five months under the guise of hitting Syria's al-Qaida branch, known as the Nusra Front.
He says the cease-fire would have "no meaning if Russia continues with its irresponsible bombings."
Meanwhile, Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Thursday told state-run Anadolu Agency that Saudi aircraft will arrive "today or tomorrow" at the Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey to join the fight against Islamic State in Syria.
Cavusoglu did not say how many planes Saudi Arabia would be sending to the base.
Turkey's prime minister has warned a Syrian Kurdish militia against taking advantage of an upcoming truce in Syria for actions that threaten Turkey's security.
Ahmet Davutoglu says his country will respond to such actions and that Turkey will not be bound by the cease-fire agreement due to be implemented this this week if the Kurdish militia poses any threat.
Davutoglu spoke on Turkish TV on Thursday.
Ankara considers the Syrian Kurdish group a terror organization because of its links to Turkey's own Kurdish rebels and has been shelling the militia's positions inside Syria along the border with Turkey.
Davutoglu says that "where Turkey's security is concerned, we would not seek anyone's permission, we would do whatever is necessary" to defend the country.
Syria's state-run news agency and an opposition monitoring group say government troops have recaptured a town in Aleppo province from Islamic State militants.
The victory is key for Syria's military access to the provincial capital, Aleppo city.
SANA says the army took the town of Khanaser on Thursday, after three days of heavy battles with the extremist group.
The report says heavy fighting was ongoing to reopen the road to Aleppo city. IS seized Khanaser and surrounding hills on Tuesday, cutting the government's main land route to the city.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition monitoring group, says the army and pro-government Shiite militias were backed by Russian airstrikes in the push on Khanaser.
The advance comes ahead of a cease-fire meant to start on midnight Friday.


Thursday, February 25, 2016

'Jan Dhan' Most Successful Program of World: President said

By on Thursday, February 25, 2016

The president, Pranab Mukherjee, said that Jan Dhan plan which started by initiative of prime minister Narendra Modi is a most successful financial incorporation program.
During the budget session, the president addressed that the 21 crore bank accounts were opened within 2 years. The amount of Rs 32000 crore received.
In his address president openly stated about the achievement of union government during its one year tenure.
He even indicated coming budget. He said that the desire of human being, boarded on two wings as the financial incorporation and social security, can flutter.The government is trying to make the possible for this purpose by these medium.
Pranab has clarified that the whole emphasis of government is on food security, home for all and such subsidy which be for needy. He added about the Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana that the program was limited not only for opening the bank accounts, but it has made a medium of poverty abolition, which made available basic financial services and security to the poor.
On the declared social security plans by the government in last budget he said that the prime minister Security insurance plan, the Prime Minister Jeevan Jyoti insurance plan and Atal Pension Yojana -- all will provide the deprived groups insurance security and pension.
 The president, telling the benefits of DBT plan started by the government, said that the targeted subsidy ascertained the access of benefit up to needy people. The direct benefit transfer (DBT) plan has been implemented on 42 schemes now.

Pratyaksh Hastantarit Labh(direct transfer benefit) has become its own type bigger direct cash transfer program in the world. The 15 crore people have been benefitted. The food security coverage since June 2014 has increased more than two twice. More than 68 crore people have been included yet.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We have some evidence against students:Delhi Police Commissioner

By on Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi is intending to take stern action against Umar Khalid. He has said if Khalid does not co-operate the probe, he can use the other ways. 'We are waiting outside the campus still, he can surrender himself; but in case we find in our assessment that they are not in the mood to co-operate us, we will not hesitate to apply other remedies.
Mr Bassi said about Khalid and Kanhaiya,
1 ''The chanting of anti-national slogans in JNU is a heinous offence.
2. We are keeping a close watch on this matter.
3. We have some evidence against the students.
4. The offender had absconded after the incident. Now they have come back in campus.
5. We are waiting outside the campus. We hope so they will co-operate us.
6. If we looked that they will not co-operate us, we will have other remedies to adopt.
7. The conditions have totally changed now. We have the cause of suspicion.
8. Kanhaiya is indulged in the activities of breaking the law. We have taken the order to appeal against Kanhaiya.

9. We will do our work according as law in JNU. As we need, so we will take the steps. As they are telling the responsible citizen, we expect that they will help us."


By on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

VARANASI:The student inside us should never die, Prime Minister said speaking at the 100th convocation of Banaras Hindu University. "This is 'dikshant' not 'shikshant' (end of studies) ceremony," he said.
·         Student in PM's program in BHU raised slogans, demanded revival of student union, slapped by someone in audience
·         “I received a letter from Banaras Hindu University conferring doctorate degree on me, I humbly declined”, says PM Modi at BHU
·         Mere liye yahan(BHU) aana hi ek bohot saubhagya ki baat hai
·         Mujhe university se chhitthi aayi thi doctorate ki lekin maine vinamrata poorvak naa kaha
·         Exploitation of nature is a crime. Milking of the nature, yahi hamein adhikaar hai'
·         'Jigyasa'(knowing) is very important. If there is no 'Jigyasa'(knowing), then there is stagnation
·         The student in us must remain alive always- PM Modi at BHU convocation ceremony in Varanasi
·         Ye dikshant samaroh hai, ham ye kabhi bhi man mein na layen ki ye shikshant samaroh hai(it is a convocation ceremony; we should not reckon; it is the end of study)
·         Hume agar zindagi mein safalta paani hai toh uski pehli shart hoti hai ki hamare bheetar ka vidyarthi kabhi murjhana nahi chahiye (if we toil for the success in life, the fist condition is that be;  the inner student must not die)
·         I have been to convocations at various universities but attending a centenary convocation is a different feeling.

·         The seed sown by Mahamana has turned into a tree hundred years later. Mahamana was a visionary.
·         Britishers were also building universities in those days but those were limited to Kolkata and Mumbai.
·         What Mahamana did, similar was done only 15-16 years later by Mahatma Gandhi in form of Gujarat Vidyapeeth.
·         I congratulate those who were conferred their degrees today. I also convey my good wishes to their parents.
·         The demand today is that not just India but the world should see our institutions. We want BHU to be like Nalanda, Taxila.
This is the sixth visit of Prime Minister Modi to his Lok Sabha constituency since May 2014. The tour comes just ahead of the Budget session, scheduled to commence on February 23. The session is expected to be stormy in view of the politically surcharged atmosphere prevailing in the country.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Jat agitation waits solid formula; administration tries to normal life in state.

By on Monday, February 22, 2016
Since last 9 days in Haryana, the continued jat agitation for reservation looks not to stop. According to the information, the Union Home Ministry is not ratifying absolutely controlled situation in the state. It is difficult to say the confirmation about the costantly changing situation, said the ministry. The union home secretary talked with the higher officers of state about the situation. The 16 people have died yet in the arson and violence.
The protesters say, "Unless the government specifies the solid formula, they will continue the movement."
The death toll rise to 16 during the mobs agitation, told state minister Ram Vilash Sharma. During the violence worth Rs 20 crore public assets loss has been reported. He told the siege of rail road Delhi-Chandigarh and Delhi-Jaipur by the protesters have been removed by the help of administrative effort.
The home secretary told, “to open NH-1 is important to maintain peace in the state." The 65 companies of Para-military have been deployed. The troops have billeted at many places.  The combat with firing between the armed personnel and the peasants injured many people on NH-1 at Ladsoli village of Sonipat. It made more belligerent the protesters hereafter.
The water supply has been restored to Delhi. The damage in Munak canal will be repaired within two or three days.

Prakash Mishra, DG CRPF, told, “The most affected areas of violence are Rohtak and Jhajjar. We have deployed 47 companies of forces. 6 additional companies have left for Jammu. The blockade has been removed from road first. The government of Haryana has assured Jat community to confer them the reservation. The panel set up in the chairmanship of Venkaiah Naidu, the union minister, will decide the formulae for the reservation.

WWE star Bray Wyatt was making the media rounds to promote tomorrow night’s Fastlane event.

By on Monday, February 22, 2016

On being a part of a wrestling family tradition:

“It’s bizarre that it’s not looked like that, at least not like that. We don’t look at it like that. I think it was something that was always flashed in front of our eyes, ‘Ah, this is kind of what everyone else does, and maybe, you could do this one day too.’ But there’s always that terrifying fear of failure. You don’t want to be the only one that failed, so it’s always been like this thing, like a carrot in front of my face, but I couldn’t be more happy with what I’ve been able to portray because I’ve really given the world a piece of me and I hope it lives on forever.”

Being around The Undertaker:

“Just being around Undertaker, I don’t even know how to explain it. There’s really not words. He’s that amazing. He’s ‘The Phenom.’ Just being around him and seeing how he handles himself and when he’s out there, how frightening he can be, it was a privilege. It’s something I’ll take with me the rest of my life, not just in wrestling, but through all facets of life. When you look at Undertaker, that was my mecca. The top of the mountain for me was to face the Undertaker at WrestleMania, and now that I’ve already done that, I have so much more to give now.”

His future aspirations:

“I want to win the title. I want to win the Royal Rumble. I want to do those types of things, and really cement my legacy so that one day, you’re sitting here with a young kid and it was an honor to be able to face me at WrestleMania. That’s what I want. That’s how I want my legacy to be.”


By on Monday, February 22, 2016

The violent jat agitation for the reservation has turned into wicked face on Saturday. The law and order situation has been worsened; the police and administration have failed to control the demonstrators so far. The sabotage and arson are continued, the curfew has been clamped in the 6 cities of Haryana after seeing turbulence. Rohtak and Bhiwani are under curfew from Friday; the frenzied crowds began stone pelting on houses sidened the law and order. The protesters compelled to the army vehicles in Hisar to return. The government has established the control room to watch. The number is – 0172-2794394/395
The protesters are on road in curfew at Jhajjar meanwhile. The firing have been reported during the skirmish between the security forces and the protesters. 4 people were killed in firing while more than a dozen were injured. They barricaded on national highway. The violent crowd set ablaze many motorbikes. The stone pelting is continued. After the incident in Jhajjar, the death toll rise to 10 in violence on Jat movement for the reservation in Haryana.
The mobs set ablaze Vita Milk Plant in Rohtak. The fire engulfed in the plant stood a danger of ammonia gas leak. In the wake of this risk the public of nearby are being evacuated.
Jat agitation is out of control. The house of congress legislators, Gita Bhukkal, was set ablaze. Many houses of leaders were targeted after the spreaded violence. The BJP, MP, Raj Kumar Saini, the state finance minister captain, Abhimanyu including other leaders were attacked.
The army flag marched in 6 cities Rohtak, Bhiwani, Jhajjar, Sonipat, Jind and Gohana of Haryana on Saturday morning. The 8 districts are in control of armed forces; while the death toll rise 10 during the protest on Sunday. The political stirring in Delhi has increased in the name of Jat agitation for reservation. The protesters raised the weir into the flowing water of canal Munak, which has affected the water supply in Delhi. Mr Kejriwal talked with his counterpart, Manohar Lal Khattar, for this purpose and it is told that the armed personnel will be deployed to secure the canal.
The ruling BJP to resolve the movement has brought now ahead Jat leader, Chaudhary Birendra Singh. He said on Saturday that he had talked with home minister on movement; met with Amit Shah and told the whole situation. "Amit Shah heard me carefully."
He said, “We desired that the old policy should not be looked again. Jat reservation should be in provision. We invite the talks with the delegates of Jat community. There is the need to talk on the facts, so that it may be reviewed.”
he added, "The ruling BJP in state is in mood to take action against its leader Raj Kumar meanwhile. The BJP is to issue notice to Saini for his anti-jat reservation statement. The statement reckoned in last a few days by the central leadership, whoever did? The party will issue the so cause notice to Raj Kumar Saini. The BJP is not against any caste. It will move with all."
The protesters set ablaze — the buses on stand in Rohtak depot, Khera of Jind district, Julana Railway, post office, market, office, and police station Pillukheda. The army has been deployed hereafter. The armed forces flag marched, but the protesters are more frenzied now; the incidents of sabotage and arson on many places have been reported.
The protesters set ablaze the power house station in Jhajjar and did sabotage in buses. They broke the van of DPRO in addition.
The protesters pelted stone over the house of OP Dhankar, the state minister. In the wake of frenzy movement the army was sent to the Rohtak police line. The Jats have blocked by the hurdle on roads which linked between the cities and the villages.
The effect of Jat reservation ferver began to see in Delhi. The NH-1 has been closed by the protesters, the outskirt entrance in Delhi have been sealed.
The big crisis of drinking water supply may stand because of Jat movement in Haryana. The government of Delhi knocked the door of Supreme Court so that the supply from Haryana can be ascertained. Mr Manish Sisodia, Deputy CM of Delhi, met with the minister of water resources, Kapil Mishra and the Home Minister, Raj Nath Singh and discussed on the issue of uninterrupted supply of essential commodities.
The protesters set ablaze the 3 schools situated at Gohana Road and the BDO office at Meham. The government has already closed the schools and colleges in the wake of security till February 22.
The former chief minister, Bhupinder Singh Hooda, said that the government should solve this problem with mutual talks. He has castigated all the events. He said whatever is going on is not good for the state. He appealed with the protesters not to damage the public assets; and said only to protest with peacefully. The movement even had happened earlier, but it was not so aggressive; the law and order in the state has collapsed fully.
home minister RajNATH SINGH
The meeting among the leaders of Jat Panchayat, Khap Panchayat and the Home Minister, Raj Nath Singh has ended on the jat movements of in Haryana. The Haryana BJP chief and BJP general secretary, Anil Jain declared that the union government has ready to give the reservation to jat community.
The home minister said to ratify, " A high level commitee has been constituted under the minister of parliamentary affairs, Venkaiah Naidu, which will consider the demand of community."  The members of committee are Satpal Mullik, Avinash Rai Khanna, Mahesh Sharma and Sanjeev Baliyan.
The home minister has appealed with the protesters, “It is our responsibility to maintain law and order in the state and the government can take drastic steps to control it. The protesters maintain the peace and end the agitation now after the acceptance the demand.”
It is noticeable that the violence in Jat movement is in momentum. More than 1000 vehicles have been pushed into fire while 7 districts are under curfew.
Jat leaders and Khap leaders have demanded with home minister to dismiss Mr Raj Kumar Saini from the party for his anti reservation statement and to be registered an FIR against him.
The violence spilled out in Haryana for the past 8 days looked not to stop. The additional chief secretary and DGP Yash Pal Singhal appealed with the protesters to free the road and rail track. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

'Aligarh' is releasing on 26 February

By on Saturday, February 20, 2016
Manoj Bajpai in Aligarh; well known stage player/ and film star

The story of film 'Aligarh' based on gay professor, Shrinivas Ramchandra Cirrus. Actor Manoj Bajpai who portrayed the professor role says that his family had no objections. And do not criticize them because they love them.
Hansal Mehta's film Manoj creates proximity with another man has been shown. A related video for voluntary carnal intercourse surfaced and he is suspended.
When asked about the reaction of family on the decision to accept the role, ‘‘he said, ‘the first thing, there was no objections on becoming an actor; and secondly, by the fact that they also had no trouble for he would not portray a traditional roles.'  Why would be the problem to portray this role?
He said, “They love me and did not criticize. My relationship with my family is very beautiful.”

Raj Kumar Rao in Aligarh had played as journalist. Manoj is please very much that the film promo achieved affirmative response.

The upcoming 'Aligarh' is not about homosexuality but is about the importance of right to privacy. "This is today's story and it is important to watch the film because what happened to Professor Siras could happen to us."This film is not on homosexuality, but it is on the right to privacy.
No one has the right to interfere in our personal lives," said Mehta on Tuesday during an exclusive screening of the film for Bollywood celebrities.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Kashmiri Students Study in JNU; Fear Outside Warmongering Situation

By on Friday, February 19, 2016
 Where India among the patriotism, sedition and democracy is stuck after the incident in JNU on 9 th February; the new discussion there have been started on the rising problems of Kashmiri students. Kashmiri students studying in JNU said, “The prevailing situation in university campus is less vulnerable — endangering more outside the campus!” The position is that people are teaching students the lesson of nationalism and are ogling them in suspicion.
The students from every states are studying here. Only shortage of hostels is the big problems; the students hails from Kashmir, dwell outside are in more fear after the stretched fire-line between the nationalism and sedition. The photographs of a few Kashmiri students with Umar Khalid are in afraid after the alleged shouting anti-Indian slogans since 9 th February in JNU.
Firoz Rabbani, Phd researcher in JNU, says, “There is no problems in campus; but the quizzically gazing eyes of people intercept me at bus and Auto-stand and at market.”
Mutasif Hussain, another student, says, “I have never faced such situation but heard that a few students sustained this predicament.”
The Kashmiri students are saddened that the whole countries want Kashmir; Kashmir is the part of this country, but the ogling of suspicion hurt them. However, there is such lot students, who understand that there is equal liberty of all, but the intention of more liberty and relax have saddened them.


By on Friday, February 19, 2016

After hearing Kanhaiya Kumar Patiala House Court sent him 14 days judicial custody. He will be behind the bar till March 2.
However the lawyers’ demonstration and protesting against Kanhaiya Kumar was continued. His medical examination was done in court premises, but the police faced many hurdles to carry him into the court lock-up. 100 of lawyers were the bystanders and shouting the slogans. Seeing the situation worsening police with Kanhaiya went into court by back door.
Kanhaiya Kumar will be detainee of prison no 3 into Tihar jail. According to the information, he will be under high security so he can be isolated from other prisoners.
Kanhaiya’s native home is in Masnadpur Tola in Bihat village under Barauni police station, about 30 km from the town headquarters of Begusarai.

The JNUSU president’s mother Meena Devi is an Aganwadi worker, earning Rs 4,000 a month and running the household. Jaishankar is confined to his home due to paralytic stroke two years ago.
After clearing MA from Nalanda Open University in Bihar, Kanhaiya had joined JNU in 2011 to pursue an MPhil in International Studies. He is now in the final year of his PhD.
Meanwhile Kanhaiya stated before court that the crowds in court premises assaulted him. The Supreme Court commissioned 5 lawyers as observer who had faced the wrath by stone pelting there. A group of lawyers in Patiala House shouted slogan demonstrating against these lawyers.
Despite being directed by Supreme Court, the security arrangement failed in Patiala house court. The 5 lawyers’ commission reached Patiala House court. Indira Jai Singh apprised to Supreme Court all the happening of Patiala House.
The Chaos was seen again during the appearance of Kanhaiya Kumar, president of JNU Students Union before the court on Wednesday afternoon this week. The skirmish between the lawyers and the JNU students occurred, where the assault on Kanhaiya Kumar was reported. The Supreme Court has summoned Delhi Police commissioner BS Bassi in this connection.

Actually before the appearance of Kanhaiya Kumar the lawyers were demanding to hang the traitor, and started to shout slogan. The lawyers there were divided in two groups and began the fighting among them. The police presence was outside the court there, but it was not able to control the ruckus of lawyers anyhow. Kanhaiya Kumar was attacked by the lawyers during his personal appearance in the court; the lawyers surrounded and manhandled him; in spite of that, they threw some stones on media persons.
The lawyers said the students of JNU dressed like lawyers came and tried to divert the heed. They said, “None of the lawyers tried to manhandle any students or journalists. The lawyers intent to save the country and will prevent the people’s anti-national activity. The JNU students disguised as lawyers have manhandled.”
The lawyers grip the national flag marched shouting slogan and said, “The people who were scuffling by trespassing inside our court will not be safe.”
The scuffling started between two groups of lawyers during the protesting demonstration. While seeing, the lawyers pounced on each other and started slapping.
The media persons were targeted. On the hearing of Patiala house court security issue, the Supreme Court had directed the police to maintain the order in the court premises on Wednesday; but the claim of police on security unfolded within hours. The policemen outside the court were mere viewers and the lawyers’ chaos was continuing. Advocate, Vikram Singh Chauhan, was chanting slogans complementing with others: Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Vande Mataram.
After the riot in Patiala house court Supreme Court summoned Delhi police. The apex court asked why did not arrange the required security in spite of being ordered? The apex court sent a team of commissioned 5 lawyers to assess the situation in Patiala house court.
-Delhi police maintain the strong security of court premises.
-Shouting of slogan in court premises be prohibited.
-Only the case counsel may enter in court.
-Only 5 media persons’ entry may be allowed in court room.

-Only 25 media persons’ entry in court premises may be allowed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Diploma Engineers Demonstrating On Road For Their Pay Hike

By on Wednesday, February 17, 2016
The engineers are going to boycott their duties from 18th February to 24; if the government is deafen for our bonafide demand, then by 25th February will be on indefinite strike onwards: federation president

the agitated diploma engineers on road in Lucknow-- K KANT

Lucknow: The Federation of Diploma Engineers, Uttar Pradesh, in its 3rd phase programme in the wake of hunger strike marched with mass crowd on road at Sikandarbag  Lucknow on Wednesday.
The state president, Er SK Pandey and general secretary, Sudhir Pawar, told that these engineers are agitated because of evasive policy of government against the diploma holders. Many efforts by the office bearers have been tried through the talks, letters and memorandum, but no avail yet. The staging of hunger strike is the result of no affirmative response from government.
Mr Sudhir said, “The outstanding arrear dues of 6th pay commission should be paid earliest and the allowance of pay should be transacted to the account through treasury in future.”
SK Pandey, the federation president, told, “ The engineers are going to boycott their duties from 18th February to 24; if the government is deafen for our bonafide demand, then by 25th February will be on indefinite strike onwards.”

It is noticeable, The junior engineers have been demanding from government since long the pay-band of 9300-34800 with grade pay 4800 declaration of gazetted post under 6th pay commission; the benefits of the promotion grade in qualifying services of 7 years, 14 years and 20 years respectively, on the post of assistant engineer, executive engineer, superintending engineer; the promotion quota of junior engineer as on assistant engineer must be in provision like on other higher posts.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


By on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

BKU activist staging dharna outside commissioner office at Lucknow--Photo by Priya Bhatt
Bhartiya Kisan Union staged a dharna in protest against the increasing land grabbing incident in the outskirt area of city outside the commissioner office at Lucknow on Monday, which is dispossessing the farmers from the lands.
Imran Khan, Zonal secretary of BKU alleged, “The farmers in Lucknow are the victims of land documents irregularities by the local administration and were pushed from pillar to post. The administration is stifling the natural voice of justice. The mosque has been displaced on papers from origin spot. All the activities have been done to grab the lands of farmers."
He added the outskirt area of city Lucknow is under urbanization. The lands adjoining IIM Lucknow are the fields of farmers who have been dispossessed by force of goons.
Mr Khan said, “We have filed many complaint to the local administration against Sahaj Sahkari Awas Samiti, but all the efforts have been futile. No action has been taken by the administration against these illegal possessions on 2 Bighas and 18 Biswas of lands so far.”
He said the high profile persons are the shareholders in the Samiti; therefore the action of administration resulted as a damp squib.
The administration has disposed and issued order on the land litigation ex-parte in 13-14 days trial without summoning defendant, while administration was also a party.
According to the information, Ram Ziawan had filed an application to sell to other caste his land in 2005, after inducing of dishonesty he filed an application to the Additional Commissioner Office for canceling the permission he had got from district magistrate office. The additional commissioner allowed cancellation without summoning the defendant.

The government's arid land have been encroached by land grabbers about  6 and ½ Bighas near Dubagga petrol pump adjoining to Bardani Mandir