'Aligarh' is releasing on 26 February

Manoj Bajpai in Aligarh; well known stage player/ and film star

The story of film 'Aligarh' based on gay professor, Shrinivas Ramchandra Cirrus. Actor Manoj Bajpai who portrayed the professor role says that his family had no objections. And do not criticize them because they love them.
Hansal Mehta's film Manoj creates proximity with another man has been shown. A related video for voluntary carnal intercourse surfaced and he is suspended.
When asked about the reaction of family on the decision to accept the role, ‘‘he said, ‘the first thing, there was no objections on becoming an actor; and secondly, by the fact that they also had no trouble for he would not portray a traditional roles.'  Why would be the problem to portray this role?
He said, “They love me and did not criticize. My relationship with my family is very beautiful.”

Raj Kumar Rao in Aligarh had played as journalist. Manoj is please very much that the film promo achieved affirmative response.

The upcoming 'Aligarh' is not about homosexuality but is about the importance of right to privacy. "This is today's story and it is important to watch the film because what happened to Professor Siras could happen to us."This film is not on homosexuality, but it is on the right to privacy.
No one has the right to interfere in our personal lives," said Mehta on Tuesday during an exclusive screening of the film for Bollywood celebrities.

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