BKU activist staging dharna outside commissioner office at Lucknow--Photo by Priya Bhatt
Bhartiya Kisan Union staged a dharna in protest against the increasing land grabbing incident in the outskirt area of city outside the commissioner office at Lucknow on Monday, which is dispossessing the farmers from the lands.
Imran Khan, Zonal secretary of BKU alleged, “The farmers in Lucknow are the victims of land documents irregularities by the local administration and were pushed from pillar to post. The administration is stifling the natural voice of justice. The mosque has been displaced on papers from origin spot. All the activities have been done to grab the lands of farmers."
He added the outskirt area of city Lucknow is under urbanization. The lands adjoining IIM Lucknow are the fields of farmers who have been dispossessed by force of goons.
Mr Khan said, “We have filed many complaint to the local administration against Sahaj Sahkari Awas Samiti, but all the efforts have been futile. No action has been taken by the administration against these illegal possessions on 2 Bighas and 18 Biswas of lands so far.”
He said the high profile persons are the shareholders in the Samiti; therefore the action of administration resulted as a damp squib.
The administration has disposed and issued order on the land litigation ex-parte in 13-14 days trial without summoning defendant, while administration was also a party.
According to the information, Ram Ziawan had filed an application to sell to other caste his land in 2005, after inducing of dishonesty he filed an application to the Additional Commissioner Office for canceling the permission he had got from district magistrate office. The additional commissioner allowed cancellation without summoning the defendant.

The government's arid land have been encroached by land grabbers about  6 and ½ Bighas near Dubagga petrol pump adjoining to Bardani Mandir

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