Cancer Patients Can Get Costly Medicine In Installments

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals drugs ‘price for cancer patients has introduced to pay in installments. The company says that this is being done in order to maintain patient treatment and to recover from huge cost of medicine.
Mumbai Company, in the plan for two medicines, covers Abirapro for prostate cancer and Avril for a variety of cancers. Currently, 120 of the 250 ml pack priced Abirapro is Rs 39,990. In addition to the 60 tablet packs priced at Rs 19,995 and Rs 9,998 to the 30 tablet packs.
10 mg of Avril 10 tablets pack of company is priced Rs 29965; while 5mg of 10 tablet pack is at Rs 19,900. Glenmark Pharma president and chief of India operations Sujesh Vasudevan said, “The patient was not able to complete the treatment because of expensive drug or would drop out.
Glenmark Oncology chooses some needy patients to provide free medicine. The EMI is another step towards maintaining for treating patients."
The company planned soon to offer flexible repayment plans for expensive drugs for cancer. Abirapro and Avril are taken for a few months and would be taken a year or even longer; both drugs are vital to the life of patients. The company in the country's 12 cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Cochin, Kolkata, Chennai, Indore, Jaipur, New Delhi and Chandigarh is offering the plan.

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