Fellow Advocate's Murder Angered to Lawyers

Lawyers in state capital of Uttar Pradesh are protesting the alleged murder of a practicing advocate of the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court.

LUCKNOW:Lawyers for the city did fiercely commotion over the death of fellow lawyer. They burnt the hoardings and banners of Samajwadi party. Lawyers outside the High Court committed an affray fiercely. The advocates set on fire the bus stop.The angered lawyers burnt many vehicles to ashes. The situation was turbulent.
Paresh Mishra, Chairman of the Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh confirmed to Bar & Bench that the protests arose from the inaction of the state government and police over the death of the advocate. The fact that no arrest has yet been made since the alleged murder two days ago has irked the members of the Bar Council.
It is noticeable,  Shravan Verma,38, an advocate hailed from Barabanki district in UP was murdered and his body was dumped into a 8 inch wide drain near the house of Vikas Arora. Shravan Kumar Verma was currently resident of Sri Pranami temple near Vikas Arora’s house at Sarai Fatak under Naka police station.
After seeing the half nude body of advocate on Tuesday morning the residents were stirred. There were injuries marks on fore head and scalp, while the scratch marks were on his abdomen, hand and leg.
The plastic's pipe and 3 bricks were lying near the body. 
The kin of advocate expressed doubt over the temple priest Banshidas, accomplice Mayank, Rajkumar, Vikas Arora. Police is questioning all the suspects. Srawan’s elder brother Balram had lodged an FIR in Naka police station.
Naka SO Dheerendra Yadav told that the underwear was only on deceased body. Vinod, the driver of Vikas Arora, had come to Vikas’s house at 5.30 am. As he came out with tempo (three wheelers), he was shocked seeing the body inside the drain. Vinod informed to Vikas and the priest. The next kin: elder brother, Balram, Vasudev and other relatives reached on the spot.
The SO told that Shrawan was the permanent resident of Trivediganj at Haidergarh in Barabanki district. He was the practitioner with Ashok Sinha in state capital and was living on second floor of temple since last 5 years. He was also the cook of temple priest.
A few days ago Banshidas had called Mayank and Rajkumar from Malihabad for the purpose of Basant Panchami’s prayer. Shrawan cooked the food at 9 pm on Monday evening. After having dinner the priest and his accomplice went to bed on first floor. What happened after it is unknown to the priest and his accomplice?
The police is questioning with Vikas, the priest and his accomplice including seven persons on suspicion of deceased kin. Many head injuries of dead Shrawan were found in postmortem.
The murderers thrashed with rod or any heavy thing on his head. The mud was found inside belly which is expected to be gulped from drain. The scratch marks reveal doubt of resistance. According to police, the body may be dumped in drain after murdering somewhere else.
police claimed that the murder mystery is hidden at Shri Pranami temple, the house roof and outside drain of of Vikas Arora. The body of Shravan was lying in 8 inch wide drain as if he might have been forcibly pressed inside it.
The locals bystanders told where the body was found is away 8 meter from the temple. The wine bottle and its cap were also recovered from there. The hair inside the empty water tank was recovered and the dirty roof of Arora’s house was found. Vikas told the pipe of water drainage from roof was broken. The pipe was put under the 3-4 bricks weight. This pipe and bricks were found near Shrawan’s body. The pipe and bricks reached how; the wine’s bottle and the hair in tank accessed how could not be explained by Vikas. Police have referred the hairs for forensic examination.

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