BJP has to assure PDP on issues before formation of government 
The president of Peoples Democratic Party, Mehbooba Mufti said in an important meeting, “She is not against to form the government, but unless the assurance of her late father’s concept is given by the BJP, the government resuming in power is impossible.”
It is noticeable,  the Governer's rule on 7th Janury has been imposed in the state after the death the chief minister of J&K, Mufti Mohamad Saeed; and Mehbooba Mufti has not stepped ahead to submit the claim of government formation .
The Narional Conference and the congress, the opposition parties, demanded from the PDP -- either form the government or to be declared re-election in state.
The political vagueness is looked not disappearing for the formation of government after the meeting of PDP on Sunday.
According to information, Mehbooba said presiding the meeting of PDP leaders, “ she need a strong assurance from the BJP that late Mufti Muhammad Saeed’s concept in state ‘ identical development and the concept of peace will be considered as applicable’.”
The party leader, Naeem Akhtar said, “Mehbooba Mufti will decide on the basis of alliance agenda.”
He told that the meeting on Sunday was called on the issue to discuss the party’s activists' access to the people and to make party members. However some leaders were interested to know Mehbooba’s opinion on the formation of government.
According to sources, the BJP has to assure the PDP on the issues before formation of government; one of them is the central government's dialogue with Pakistan.  The chief issues other than it are to special package for employment and to transfer the union electrical project to state government. The PDP has sent the ball now in BJP side.
The PDP leader told, “Mehbooba has told that she is not against the formation of government, but she does not want to take any problem without any purpose. She had talked with Mufti Sahib about the decision of big alliance with the BJP. He told that his dream had not been considered during the 10 month tenure.”
Mehbooba said also, “She cannot take the decision about the government in state, only having thought, that she will be the chief minister."

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