It was sad incident which must not be happened: Foreign Ministry On African Girl Attack

All foreign students are our guests and their security is our responsibility.
After an attack on and the tearing out the clothes of an African girl student, India, a famous Country of its civilization and for its tradition in the world image, is being tarnished.
 Another boy student of Tanzanian origin in this matter has released an statement, which depicted the story of barbaric and shameful act of we Indian.
The student stated that the chasing her of 20 minutes the crowd attacked the girl ; stripped her cloth and beaten the student when he reached to save her. According to famous Indian newspaper, the Tanzanian student victor (the name changed) recalling the incident of Sunday evening, said, '' chasing the helpless girl till 20 minutes, the crowd was aggressive very much; She was running away and screaming for the safety help. The people of the crowd captured her and manhandled badly; stripped her cloths; naked her fully. When I tried to save her, I was also targeted by the crowd. They hounded and also thrashed me badly." The student of post graduation in Acharya Institute told here that he had gone his cousin's home. As he could know that the crowd was attacking an African girl student, he reached immediately on the spot.
it is noticeable that the incident took place on Sunday in Bangalore when a few people were riled up with the death of a woman who was killed in mishap by a car of foreign girl student. The crowd thrashed another foreign student who was driving the car; and it was set ablaze. They did the lewd acts with the girl,24, student of Tanzanian origin studying the management; she was passer-by from there; they stripped her clothes.  Victor told, '' I tried to save the girl; we run away from there; the crowd tore her clothes; I gave her my shirt; but the people started pushing and shoving me for doing so; and then they also attacked me."
The student added further that a local citizen gave the T-shirt to the girl; he was also beaten by the crowd.
 The student told that a few locals later saved her and surrounded her with 4 men so that she could be saved by the frenzy crowd attack ; after it the girl and he was rushed to hospital. 
The government of India took the matter seriously and sent a team of foreign ministry for probing the lewd acts committed with the girl of Tanzanian origin in Bangalore. The statement from the foreign ministry in a press conference has been released on Thursday.
 The Foreign Ministry said, ‘Whatever has happened in Banglore had a link with a road accident. it was a sad incident which must not be happened. If they think it was a racial attack, it is being investigated''. On the question of security for the foreign students the spokesperson of foreign ministry said that approximately 5000 foreign students dwell in Bangalore. All foreign students are our guests and their security is our responsibility. The Ministry said, ‘we want to assure the African students that they all are secure in our Country''. The Ministry further said that the foreign students' data in the country are being collected. A few students took admission through self finance so the correct data is not available.
The Tanzanian Ambassador dubbed it a racial incident and responded in this way
1. The frenzy crowd manhandled the foreign students who were driving the car. 
2. The cars of foreign students were set ablaze 
3. The Tanzanian students were passer-by from the spot and the crowd looked her; the crowd knowing her racial origin became out of control.
4. The crowd hounded 20 minutes to the girl; manhandled her and tore her cloths.
5. A boy student of Tanzanian origin, came to help, was also thrashed by the crowd. 

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