Kashmiri Students Study in JNU; Fear Outside Warmongering Situation

 Where India among the patriotism, sedition and democracy is stuck after the incident in JNU on 9 th February; the new discussion there have been started on the rising problems of Kashmiri students. Kashmiri students studying in JNU said, “The prevailing situation in university campus is less vulnerable — endangering more outside the campus!” The position is that people are teaching students the lesson of nationalism and are ogling them in suspicion.
The students from every states are studying here. Only shortage of hostels is the big problems; the students hails from Kashmir, dwell outside are in more fear after the stretched fire-line between the nationalism and sedition. The photographs of a few Kashmiri students with Umar Khalid are in afraid after the alleged shouting anti-Indian slogans since 9 th February in JNU.
Firoz Rabbani, Phd researcher in JNU, says, “There is no problems in campus; but the quizzically gazing eyes of people intercept me at bus and Auto-stand and at market.”
Mutasif Hussain, another student, says, “I have never faced such situation but heard that a few students sustained this predicament.”
The Kashmiri students are saddened that the whole countries want Kashmir; Kashmir is the part of this country, but the ogling of suspicion hurt them. However, there is such lot students, who understand that there is equal liberty of all, but the intention of more liberty and relax have saddened them.

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