Lucknow Christian College Organised Recognition Day

The students’ recognition day was organized in Matthews Hall and celebrated on Saturday in Lucknow Christian Degree College. The programme held by the college for the meritorious undergraduate and the post graduate students who had secured their first ranks in the academic examination conducted by the University of Lucknow.
According to the tradition of medals distribution and the certificates which the college principal, Dr. DA Harrison, have made felicitated to the students, assured their careers if any of them may apply on the vacancies, they will be given preference. The college is well known for certain principles and traditions.
The programme has its own unique provision and the 70 students who had been first in academic position in the session 2012-15 were from different faculty; namely, Art, Science, and Commerce.

The chief guest of the programe was senior alumni who gave the medal to the students for their performances. 

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