Mayawati condemned strongly HRD minister on Rohith suicide

In the matter of Rohit Vemula the BSP chief in the Rajya Sabha on Friday, having sought "head cession” of Smriti Irani, condemned strongly union minister out of the parliament house.
Mayawati said, “Smriti, having come in parliament lobby, had apologized, which I had forgiven him; but the union government is trying to defame ‘Dalits and Adivasis’ in the name of Durga and Mahishasur.
Mayawati has expressed her dissatisfaction on the response by the HRD minister on Rohith Vemula, the student of Hyderabad University; Mayawati said out of the House, “She came in lobby and apologized for her behavior. We excused her then. I felt she was immature; therefore I have forgiven her, but I have also said to change her attitude, or she cannot go ahead.”
The setter of political power on main Dalit vote bank in UP, BSP chief said, “Dalits and Adivasis of the country have been defamed on the name of Durga Maa and Mahishasur. Dalits and Adivasis had saved Sita. Mahishasura issue was raised because the government intent to suppress the matter of Rohith Vemula suicide probes.”
Mayawati added, “Whatever the union government had put the matter on 24 February respond only it that the inquiry commission has a Dalit member or not.” It was not responded a day before and the government did not respond well on Friday. The BSP chief further said that the HRD minister issued gazette on February 2 for the inquiry commission is illegal. It should have passed first in both Houses.”
Mayawati repeated her statement out of the House. He said, “I am not convinced with her response. She had said, 'She will present her chopped head before me if I am not convinced.'  I am not agreed…. put forward now her chopped head unto my feet.’"
The former chief minister said, “It is sad that the leader of congress play only in the matter of Dalit. They were silent when I raise the whole matter in House. It reveals that the congress and the BJP both are the close brothers in the matter of Dalits.”

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