KSHITIZ KANT: The government of Oommen Chandy is at risk because of Saritha Nair. The woman whose hands are told involved in tune of Rs 70 crores big scams in Keral so far is Saritha Nair.
Saritha’s mother made her married with Dubai based Rajendran. She was mere 18 years old then. Rajendran went to attend his service in gulf country after his married, but this marriage was no longer durable. Rajendran divorced her saying the illicit relation with other men. She was the mother of a baby at the time of divorce. According to a police official, the first born child is studying in a school at Tiruannatpuram. That the baby is son of Saritha is known this information only to school management.
The story of Saritha D Nair began from a rural area of Chengannur district in Kerala. Saritha Nair was the student of Saint Ons School. She secured 94% marks in the 10 th standard examination and was topper in English and Mathematics, but Somasekharan Nair her father committed suicide to evade loan and the responsibility of family.
Mother Indira joined the service to perform the responsibility of Saritha and her younger sister. A government officer told, “She had pride over her study and the obtained number during her academic career.” She also secured diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering and electronics communication during this period. Saritha has claimed that she was called for service from Aeroplane Company.
Saritha did not flinch by the divorce; leaving her son in custody of her mother, she began her new career. She joined as an assistant manager post of a private transactions company. She made the friendship with local liquor broker. She prepared hefty amount for the company with the help of her friends. The dignity of Saritha became certified in the heart of company ownership, but she did a mistake… and much amount of this currency had given her broker friend who fled with the amount and Saritha was in dragnet… she had to go in jail. 
A few years elapsed in obscurity she started to woven the nets again. She started her work this time with Biju Radhakrishnan her live–in-partner. Both disguised their names in Chengannur and worked together online. They were nabbed in 2010. Saritha was pregnant and gave birth of baby girl of biju in jail.
Saritha had learnt after being jailed that she had the need of political connection. She was beautiful and was able to talk in English, Hindi and Malyalam. Saritha had turned her name Nandani Nair and began to tell herself chartered accountant. Biju ever told himself as strategic investor and ever at anon he told himself an IAS officer.
Saritha and Biju was expert to utilize the high profile names. If Saritha discussed with anyone on any project and detected their interest, the next phone was dialed from Biju, who told such as that he was talking from London. Both of them always invited the political leaders in any organized programe; photographed with the leaders and maintained their identity.
They made ‘team solar’ in 2011. They changed their names Laxmi Nair and RB Nair; however the company was registered on their original names. Saritha and Biju prepared a report on 'solar panel' business and showed the project Chief Minister Oommen Chandy. Mr Oommen Chandy expressed his interest and said with Aryadan Mohammad on telephone, “I am recommending Laxmi to contact you.” It was first time after the jail when Saritha acquainted her clients as Laxmi Nair and Biju presented himself as a former reserve bank officer,RB Nair.
Official statements reveal that Saritha and Biju first contacted with the personal staff of CM Oommen Chandy and proposed to donate in relief fund. The calls record reveals that they maintained the contact with the CM’s personal staff. They had made their access upto many ministers and other leaders of state. Minister Aryadan was interested in this project consequently proposed the help on every cost. 

According to Saritha, Rs 40 lacs payoff was to Minister Aryadan; and two installment of Rs 1.9 crore through Thomas Kuruvilla, to the CM. That the transaction was successful confirmed by the CM himself through telephone.
Saritha in an interview 6 months ago had said that her beauty for him proved both boon and curse. It was her beauty which made her access to the high profile leaders. She issued her statement before justice Shivrajan commission that the investigation of multi crore ‘Solar Panel scam’ is absolutely right.
Saritha had told that most of the political leaders, minister upto MP and MLA and their personal assistants and employees helped her to make the physical relation merely. Saritha highlighted the name of those who also had exploited her sexually in jail.
Saritha wrote a letter in jail, she mentioned many VIPs names. The personal secretary Tenny Joppan; gunman, Salim Raj and personal assistant Jiku Mohan – All were in continuous contact with Saritha. 
The former jail officer Alexander Jacob has told that many high profile leaders and persons’ request to meet with Saritha had been submitted.

Oommen Chandy himself and his government is trying to save both. He, anyhow, restored two months ago this matter, but the opposition is continued to target the government.

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