Second Murder Within One Month In Constituency of Bihar DeputyCM

police dubbed it immediately old rivalry; locals,...a political murder.

Mr Vrijnathy Singh killed in Bihar Raghopur

PATNA: A former head of village Panchayat was shot dead by some unidentified men in Raghavpur Assembly constituency of Tejaswi Yaday, Dupty CM of Bihar on Friday.
Wife of Mr Vrijnathy Singh is the leader of Lok Jan Shakti Party and understood most nearest to Mr Ram Vilas Paswan. Mr Vrijnathy Singh was very much active in local politics. Police yet has dubbed the murder of old rivalry and gang war; and is investigating the incident.
 According to the information Mr. Vrijnathy Singh was going somewhere Kachchi DarGhah area in Raghavpur by his Bolero 4 wheelers on Friday, meanwhile some unidentified men halt the vehicle near Pipapul(bridge) and started indiscriminate firing on him. The assailant pumped 11 bullets to kill Mr Singh by AK- 47, which resulted in his death on the spot. his wife Munni Devi who was with Mr. Singh has also been injured during the gunfire. She was rushed to the nearest hospital where she succumb to her injury.
It is noticeable; the wife of Mr Vrijnathy Singh was in fray against Rabri devi Former Chief Minister Of Bihar; and his son Rakesh Roshan on the ticket of Samaj Wadi Party in last assembly election has fought  against Tejaswi Yadav.
It is told that Mr Vrijnathy Singh had been imprisoned for a few criminal cases; consequently the police dubbed it immediately old rivalry, but the locals have the view of it a political murder.
Ironically, under the allegation of Jungle Raj of opposition it is a second murder within one month time in the area of Deputy Chief Minister.
Another Former Head of Panchayat Behrampur in Raghavpur, Mr. Jaipal Singh Yadav, was also killed by motorbike borne unidentified 3 assailants exactly one month before this incident near Jethuli Ganga Ghat in Arathana area on 31st December 2015.

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