Statement by former union minister Yashwant Sinha made ruckus; lawmaker demanded dismissal

The dispute on statement of senior BJP leader,Yaswant Sinha, has began bikering among the party. Sinha said on Saturday, “The government of Narendra Modi may reach to the same destiny, as the government of Indira Gandhi had faced after emergency period.”
The BJP MP Ravindra Kushwaha demanded to dismiss Mr Sinha from the party. Mr Sinha, participated in discussion of a program ‘difficult dialogues’ in Dona Paula (Goa) where the party is at stake, had briefed such statement.
He had said, “There is no place to the non-sensibility in the Indian democracy. This is its strength. The person in the country who doesn’t believe in dialogue the people of Society will bury them under the dust.”
You will have to wait till next election. The people of country will nose-down them. The facing dispute he said on Sunday, “My statement was released absolutely in wrong way. The person who reported it  twisted my statement to release.”

Mr Ravindra Kushwaha, MP from Salempur UP, said that the former union minister is not satisfied with being his son Jayant Sinha the state finance minister.

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