Symposium held on Women Empowerment for Healthy Nation Emerging Perspectives and Issues

Ram Vishal Tripathi, Manmohan Tiwari, SB NimseJai Shankar Prasad hall at DAV PG College Lucknow-- by Priya Bhatt
Lucknow:The national seminar on ‘Women Empowerment for Healthy Nation Emerging Perspectives and Issues’ has been organized on Monday in DAV PG College Lucknow.
Prof. SB Nimse, vice chancellor of Lucknow University, said the importance of education in the women empowerment he ratified that the gender disparity in higher education is reducing. He added that the girls’ medal list were prepared separately; but it has useless process now because of most medals are secured by the girls.
He further said that the admission of girls during his tenure has increased in Lucknow University.
The programme coordinator, Dr. M.P. Garg, presented the brief profiling of one day seminar high-lighting the purpose.
Professor Rakesh Chandra, head of philosophy department, presented in the reference of development to the women empowerment in philosophy (subject) enforcement. 
Professor Chandra said that the development connects to the human development, we get the chance of discussion on their contributions and position of women in development. 
The human powers and the historian both have not depicted exact roles in development from begining of women. The roles of women’ contribution in the fields, war and creation of knowledge have been ignored. The professor added that  the social inequality should be abolished to provide the rights to the half population in development.
The chief guest Surbhi Shukla appreciated the projects as 1090 for women security helpline number, and told the government plans for women is important.
Manmohan Tiwari discussed  about the contribution of Arya Samaj in the field of women education. he said that the DAV PG college provides co-education, and the numbers of girls students is increasing continuously. The symposium was addressed by many prominent professors in Jai Shankar Prasad Hall.

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