The violent jat agitation for the reservation has turned into wicked face on Saturday. The law and order situation has been worsened; the police and administration have failed to control the demonstrators so far. The sabotage and arson are continued, the curfew has been clamped in the 6 cities of Haryana after seeing turbulence. Rohtak and Bhiwani are under curfew from Friday; the frenzied crowds began stone pelting on houses sidened the law and order. The protesters compelled to the army vehicles in Hisar to return. The government has established the control room to watch. The number is – 0172-2794394/395
The protesters are on road in curfew at Jhajjar meanwhile. The firing have been reported during the skirmish between the security forces and the protesters. 4 people were killed in firing while more than a dozen were injured. They barricaded on national highway. The violent crowd set ablaze many motorbikes. The stone pelting is continued. After the incident in Jhajjar, the death toll rise to 10 in violence on Jat movement for the reservation in Haryana.
The mobs set ablaze Vita Milk Plant in Rohtak. The fire engulfed in the plant stood a danger of ammonia gas leak. In the wake of this risk the public of nearby are being evacuated.
Jat agitation is out of control. The house of congress legislators, Gita Bhukkal, was set ablaze. Many houses of leaders were targeted after the spreaded violence. The BJP, MP, Raj Kumar Saini, the state finance minister captain, Abhimanyu including other leaders were attacked.
The army flag marched in 6 cities Rohtak, Bhiwani, Jhajjar, Sonipat, Jind and Gohana of Haryana on Saturday morning. The 8 districts are in control of armed forces; while the death toll rise 10 during the protest on Sunday. The political stirring in Delhi has increased in the name of Jat agitation for reservation. The protesters raised the weir into the flowing water of canal Munak, which has affected the water supply in Delhi. Mr Kejriwal talked with his counterpart, Manohar Lal Khattar, for this purpose and it is told that the armed personnel will be deployed to secure the canal.
The ruling BJP to resolve the movement has brought now ahead Jat leader, Chaudhary Birendra Singh. He said on Saturday that he had talked with home minister on movement; met with Amit Shah and told the whole situation. "Amit Shah heard me carefully."
He said, “We desired that the old policy should not be looked again. Jat reservation should be in provision. We invite the talks with the delegates of Jat community. There is the need to talk on the facts, so that it may be reviewed.”
he added, "The ruling BJP in state is in mood to take action against its leader Raj Kumar meanwhile. The BJP is to issue notice to Saini for his anti-jat reservation statement. The statement reckoned in last a few days by the central leadership, whoever did? The party will issue the so cause notice to Raj Kumar Saini. The BJP is not against any caste. It will move with all."
The protesters set ablaze — the buses on stand in Rohtak depot, Khera of Jind district, Julana Railway, post office, market, office, and police station Pillukheda. The army has been deployed hereafter. The armed forces flag marched, but the protesters are more frenzied now; the incidents of sabotage and arson on many places have been reported.
The protesters set ablaze the power house station in Jhajjar and did sabotage in buses. They broke the van of DPRO in addition.
The protesters pelted stone over the house of OP Dhankar, the state minister. In the wake of frenzy movement the army was sent to the Rohtak police line. The Jats have blocked by the hurdle on roads which linked between the cities and the villages.
The effect of Jat reservation ferver began to see in Delhi. The NH-1 has been closed by the protesters, the outskirt entrance in Delhi have been sealed.
The big crisis of drinking water supply may stand because of Jat movement in Haryana. The government of Delhi knocked the door of Supreme Court so that the supply from Haryana can be ascertained. Mr Manish Sisodia, Deputy CM of Delhi, met with the minister of water resources, Kapil Mishra and the Home Minister, Raj Nath Singh and discussed on the issue of uninterrupted supply of essential commodities.
The protesters set ablaze the 3 schools situated at Gohana Road and the BDO office at Meham. The government has already closed the schools and colleges in the wake of security till February 22.
The former chief minister, Bhupinder Singh Hooda, said that the government should solve this problem with mutual talks. He has castigated all the events. He said whatever is going on is not good for the state. He appealed with the protesters not to damage the public assets; and said only to protest with peacefully. The movement even had happened earlier, but it was not so aggressive; the law and order in the state has collapsed fully.
home minister RajNATH SINGH
The meeting among the leaders of Jat Panchayat, Khap Panchayat and the Home Minister, Raj Nath Singh has ended on the jat movements of in Haryana. The Haryana BJP chief and BJP general secretary, Anil Jain declared that the union government has ready to give the reservation to jat community.
The home minister said to ratify, " A high level commitee has been constituted under the minister of parliamentary affairs, Venkaiah Naidu, which will consider the demand of community."  The members of committee are Satpal Mullik, Avinash Rai Khanna, Mahesh Sharma and Sanjeev Baliyan.
The home minister has appealed with the protesters, “It is our responsibility to maintain law and order in the state and the government can take drastic steps to control it. The protesters maintain the peace and end the agitation now after the acceptance the demand.”
It is noticeable that the violence in Jat movement is in momentum. More than 1000 vehicles have been pushed into fire while 7 districts are under curfew.
Jat leaders and Khap leaders have demanded with home minister to dismiss Mr Raj Kumar Saini from the party for his anti reservation statement and to be registered an FIR against him.
The violence spilled out in Haryana for the past 8 days looked not to stop. The additional chief secretary and DGP Yash Pal Singhal appealed with the protesters to free the road and rail track. 

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