We have some evidence against students:Delhi Police Commissioner

Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi is intending to take stern action against Umar Khalid. He has said if Khalid does not co-operate the probe, he can use the other ways. 'We are waiting outside the campus still, he can surrender himself; but in case we find in our assessment that they are not in the mood to co-operate us, we will not hesitate to apply other remedies.
Mr Bassi said about Khalid and Kanhaiya,
1 ''The chanting of anti-national slogans in JNU is a heinous offence.
2. We are keeping a close watch on this matter.
3. We have some evidence against the students.
4. The offender had absconded after the incident. Now they have come back in campus.
5. We are waiting outside the campus. We hope so they will co-operate us.
6. If we looked that they will not co-operate us, we will have other remedies to adopt.
7. The conditions have totally changed now. We have the cause of suspicion.
8. Kanhaiya is indulged in the activities of breaking the law. We have taken the order to appeal against Kanhaiya.

9. We will do our work according as law in JNU. As we need, so we will take the steps. As they are telling the responsible citizen, we expect that they will help us."

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