Work Charge Employees of Van Nigam on Hunger Strike for Regularisation

The Employees Association of Uttar Pradesh Van Nigam continued the hunger strike a second day of its dharna at Laxman Mela Maidan Lucknow.
It is noticeable; Govt of Uttar Pradesh issued wide order through its finance department on September8, 2010 to regularise the work-charge employees who were working before 29 June1991. The financial outlay of wages has to be borne by the organization itself.
 Mr Kamlesh Misra, the president of UP State Federation of Employees Association UP, said, “The staging dharna and hunger strike of employees for their bonafide demands will go no futile. The federation will be always with them on their fight.’’
Mr Ram Singh Bargah, Association President, said, “The discriminatory attitude of managing director by circumventing the employees from their rights is unforgiven by the god sight.’’
He added, "The managing director had accepted during the talks between the government and the union delegates that the agitated employees should be included in the confirmation list of 1991 work-charge employees, but the MD has sent a letter to obtain the direction from government for the regularisation of these employees.’’

The government assured the order to be issued in a week so the employees may please give up the hunger strike.

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