After Arunachal — BJP in Uttarakhand once again!

Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, BJP leader;               Uttarakhand Assembly;                                      Harish Rawat, existing CM
Bhatt L M, Dehradun
The state government of Uttarakhand which is in crisis after its rebel legislators who joined the BJP now has reached late night to Gurgaon. They are to meet with the BJP president, Amit Shah, on Saturday. Shyam Jaju, the BJP leader, said that 26 BJP and 9 Congress of the 35 legislators went to meet with the state governor. These can demonstrate a parade before the president.
Govind Singh Kunjwal, the state assembly speaker, has issued notices to the rebel legislators under anti defection law. The chief minister, Harish Rawat, and assembly affairs minister, Indira Hridayesh sit with speaker in a high level meeting. Rawat said afterward that the government can prove its majority. The rebel legislators have been given chance of forgiveness having accepted the mistake. The CM will meet with KK PAUL at 7.30 evening.
Congress legislator has said on running crisis that the party is watching the whole situation. Meanwhile, Arvind Kejriwal, on the crisis of UttaraKhand, has targeted the BJP. Kejriwal tweeted in morning on Saturday and dubbed, “the BJP is most corrupt, anti-national and power-hungry party.” He said, “The BJP is openly indulged in horse trading in Uttarakhand after Arunachal.”
The rebel legislators of congress reached on Friday in a hotel at Gurgaon after meeting with governor, KK Paul. They are going to meet with the BJP president, Amit Shah. The former chief minister Vijay Bahuguna said that he surprised why Harish Rawat did not resigned from his post so far. He should have resigned on moral ground. Mr. Bahuguna asked the dismissal of Harish Rawat government.
Under the political wrestling in Uttarakhand, the general secretary of BJP, Vijay Vergi, has said that Harish Rawat government is not in majority. He has no right to be in power. The 35 legislators want to meet with the BJP president Amit Shah in Delhi.
The BJP leader, Shrikant Sharma said that the congress government of Uttarakhand should be dismissed. It has no majority. Satpal Maharaj who had joined the BJP from congress said, “he and the rebel legislators will go to meet with Amit Shah.”
The BJP asked the resignation of Harish Rawat. The former CM and the BJP leader Ramesh Pokharial Nishank has said that Rawat government is in short majority and the CM should resign. The BJP legislators met with governor and claimed to form the government. The 35 legislators paraded before governor in support of the BJP.”
Mr Harak Singh Rawat, rebel legislators’ leader of Congress, had said, “He is going to meet with the governor.” Harak Singh Rawat resigned later from the ministry. The congress has 36 legislators out of 70 members’ assembly of Uttarakhand. 11 of them are said to be rebel. One of BSP has lodged the protest. The BJP has 28 legislators in assembly.
The chief minister Harish Rawat said that he had the priority interest of Uttarakhand. He will never surrender before anybody. Mr Rawat alleged, “The BJP is shedding money like water to destabilize his government.” He added, “As far as the majority is concerned, the no confidence motion should be brought first. Rawat claimed, “The 5 legislators of BJP are in my contact.”

In the wake of the chaos in House during budget session of Uttarakhand assembly has been adjourned till 28 March. The legislators of congress in the leadership of Harak Singh Rawat have revolted against Harish Rawat’s government; namely, rebel: Mr Harak Singh Rawat, Vijay Bahuguna, Subodh Uniyal, Amrita Rawat, Pradeep Batra, Kuwar Pranav Singh Champion, Shailendra Mohan Singhal, Umesh Sharma Cow and two other.

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