British Tried First Cancer Vaccine; Injected It To Woman first

A British woman has been among the first vaccinated to cure her from cancer disease.
A new vaccine designed to stimulate the immune system has been discovered recently. The scientists who discovered the vaccine have claimed that after injecting this vaccine the resistance power increases and the tumours in inside the body will be eliminated.
Kelly Potter, 35, resident of Beckenham, Kent, was, last year in July 2015, diagnosed advanced cervical cancer; she was given this vaccine.
Kelly was enlisted among the 30 volunteers for the vaccination trial. The trial will run over next 2 years and also the patients will be cared by the chemotherapy.

According to the doctors, Kelly was in 4th stage of cancer. The vaccine was injected on 9th February at Guy’s Hospital in London.

Fighting with the cancer Kelly shared her feelings after vaccination. She said, “I feel better now than before and is feeling change of my body. To be part of this trial has changed my life for the better. It’s been a very positive experience and really interesting. I feel honoured to be involved.You get the best treatment anyway at Guy’s but it’s fantastic to be part of something that could be ground breaking.” 
Kelly is pleased very much being part of this trial. The scientist claimed that the vaccine contains a small fragment of protein from an enzyme called human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) that divide slowly continuously the cells of cancer.It is expected that after the verification of vaccine the caring of cancer will be easy.

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