Damsel duped Rs 20 lakhs from old man

Sandeep Tiwari
ALLAHABAD: An interesting story of love affair in Allahabad 200 km away from state capital of uttar Pradesh has been reported. Bade Miya, a lovesick senior citizen, made co-heart relationship with a girl on phone; and the trickster girl duped lakhs of Rupees from him; disappeared with booty from the scene.
The case is from Dhumanganj area in Allahabad. The 70 years old Hausla (name changed) dwells with his family. He is a retired employee from government department. His wife has passed away. He had deposited in his saving 30 lakhs Rs. He used to mention often during the gossip of his sitting at a tea-stall.
The inside position of  Hausla (Bade Miyan) that he was a millionaire was familiar there to all. Meanwhile an unknown man met with Hausla. The man bluffed him for remarrying, but Hausla did not believe on it. The man talked Hausla with a damsel, 30, on mobile phone. Hausla got confidence over the man afterward.
Bade Miya had got mobile number of damsel now; the lovesick Bade Miya began to talk on phone; the frequent talk reached into 'hours talk'; the old man flew fast over the love lake.
 The old man could guess the matter; she demanded 2 lakhs from the old man on phone —Hausla paid the amount to her without delay!
The damsel had trapped Hausla in her love-lure after assuring of marriage. She had begun to show her trickster attitude. After receiving hefty sum she duped 20 lakhs on only phone.
The man crazy in her love trap could not recognize a little bit that the she was fooling him. She had always sent a boy to transit money from old man. She took from Hausla first Rs 2 lakhs; Rs 8 lakhs again; and 5-5 lakhs twice afterward. When the sons of old man was informed, they asked with his father about the story. The old man told the whole story.
The sons understood the fraud on being heard the story ;and reached to the police station Dhumanganj where the police took the complaint application; but did not registered the FIR.
The police have started the investigation; got still no information about her.
Police is tracking damsel’s mobile number. The police is trying to trace the man who had made dreamt bade miya for remarriage and him the prey of her fraud.


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