Hear Party Workers Advice; Their Experiences In Constituency: PM MODI

The PM Modi in his address targeted the opposition. He was present in two days National Executive meeting held by the BJP. He said, “There is spreading negativity against the government among the public, but the union government and BJP is affirmative by sidelining all those and will keep on going ahead.”
According to information, PM added, “we need not to go on back-foot. We have no allegation of corruption in last 22 months tenure. Those who are spreading the negativity may do so. We are affirmative and will move ahead.”
The PM Modi said, “Nobody can deter the government from its goal. The government is intending to access the electric in 18000 villages. The government did very well during the tenure so far. The party workers should bring it to the public. ”
It is noticeable that the PM had addressed the party leaders on Saturday. If the organization is strong, the government will be empowered. We must work with open mind.”
It is told that the PM has advised to use social media very much. After the declaration of 5 states election the PM said, “We should use social media very much. It is a best medium to bring the government's works to the public. The social media is the best tool for the party campaign.”
The PM Modi said with party leaders that he must hear party workers' advice and experiences in constituency. The PM said, “The party workers should be talked every week. It is yours onus to communicate the advice of party workers. It will have to bear in mind that the party workers should not be annoyed.”

How the plans of government may reach to the public has the need to focus on this. The party workers are needed to motivate.

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