Manager/Teacher Joint Morcha Uttar Pradesh continues Dharna for Recurrent Funding

Manager/Teacher Joint Morcha Uttar Pradesh continues Dharna  at Laxman Mela Maidan Lucknow on Friday.
Mr Rajesh Tripathi told, “The district magistrates of state in the wake of government order of Oct 2012 had formed committee at the concerning district level to collect the reports of schools for the purpose of releasing the fund.  They recommended the report of 1627 schools to the government where 18000 teachers are working; namely, 70% OBC, 21%SC and other general.”
He said, "The government has not yet taken any decision to release the fund."
Mr Dashrath Yadav , president of Manager/Teacher Joint Morcha Uttar Pradesh, said, “Pouring kerosene in front assembly for immolation attempt was foiled after my arrest on 6th march this month; but the government is not serious about our demands. While we are staging our Dharna continue to meet out my efforts Lucknow.”
We are demanding to restore the government order of 31 march 1994 which had enabled us for ‘recurrent funding' by the government.
The government orders issued on 5 th October 2006 that barred us from this privilege must be canceled.
The schools that are in majority areas of schedule caste and schedule tribe must be included in the ‘recurrent funding' groups.

The delegates should be talked with the chief minister.

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