Symposium held on sexual harassment of women at work place

Professor AP SINGH, director psychology Department University of Lucknow, presided on Sunday over the organized symposium at Jai Shankar Prasad Hall on Sexual Harassment of Women at work place.
The core idea of research papers read there were that the sexual assault increased because of change in the cultures and the values women are seen through a different look. He said, “Until the government takes the help of psychological analyst, there can nothing reply satisfactorily.” He added, “Because psychology itself creates such condition, that will be helpful to understand the behavior of human being.”
The psychology of women and the working place were discussed thoroughly. Dr Preeti Mishra, from DBRAU, said, “Nobody can dare to unfold her veil without her acceptance under the section 354 IPC.”
Dr Rashida Ather said, “ If any woman, using ‘sex’ word, give her plea , the people should prefer to heed much on the facts — than the word ‘sex’ what she desired to say; and if not follows so, the meaning turns into meaningless.”
Dr Madhuri Rawat said on the psychology of sex and woman, “A natural fact has been held here the point of discussion because the women have neither natural liberty nor are secure fully under the cover of culture: which resulted the cause to explain her on her core needs; but the culture was not so pure on her, which had had women to face the insecurity.”
Dr Renu Srivastav,JNPG College, said, “The education is the way which can save women; which make the society sensible for the women.”
Shweta Tiwari, AP Sen Degree College, said, “The society has been defined by the ‘relationships trap’, we will have to understand the breakage of relations, and then we will be able to get the solution of harassment.”
Dr Mahima Devi said, “Society has a big difference in words and deeds on the sexual assault; and if the offender is in high status, that efforts are made to save him more than taking action by the law on sexual assault.”
The issue was much of importance in the wake of growing insecurity among the society for the women, so many intellectuals gathering discussed on the matter and presented their views during two consecutive days.                                                             


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