Terrorists using of PoK land have grown many locals problem:S.S.A. Kashmiri in Geneva

The exile leader from PoK, Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, who intends to envisage Kashmir as ‘United States of Kashmir’ by national democratic revolution has replied strongly on continuous denying of Pakistan’s non-involving affirmation of the terror activities in India.
He, exposing the reality of Pakistan on the issue of terrorism, said, “Pakistan occupied Kashmir is used as a pad to launch the terrorists."
Shaukat Ali, in an organized international program at Geneva, said, "Pakistan on the one hand talks about to fight against the terrorism, the terrorists of Lashkar-e-Taiba wander openly there on the other."
He disclosed about Pakistan, “The statement of Pak to fight against terrorism has a big difference between words and deeds.”
It is noticeable after 1998 resolution Adopted by the UN Security Council at its 3890th meeting.
  "Urges India and Pakistan to exercise maximum restraint and to avoid threatening military movements, cross-border violations, or other provocations in order to prevent an aggravation of the situation";
  "Urges India and Pakistan to resume the dialogue between them on all outstanding issues, particularly on all matters pertaining to peace and security, in order to remove the tensions between them, and encourages them to find mutually acceptable solutions that address the root causes of those tensions, including Kashmir"
 there have been signs over the past decade:
§  In 2003, the two countries agreed to a ceasefire across the Line of Control (LoC) that divides Indian and Pakistani-administered Kashmir
§  In 2006, Pakistan said it stopped all funding for militant operations in Kashmir, ignoring protests by some of the more influential groups
§  In February 2010 India announced an amnesty for fighters from Indian-administered Kashmir, saying they could return from Pakistani territory
§  Early in 2012, Islamabad cut by half the administrative funds it issues to groups that still maintain offices in Pakistani-administered Kashmir
§  At the same time it offered a cash rehabilitation package to former fighters to abandon militancy
Shaukat Ali said that the terrorists using of PoK land have grown many locals problem. The problems are not handled there administratively. He discussed also the terrorists training camps of Pakistan.

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