Three Male Suspects of Brussels Attacks snapped at Zaventem; two of them seem to have committed suicide

As the watches needle reached morning 8 am, Zaventem airport shook in Brussels where the normal life was in routine. The building windows shattered and the present people’s body blew into pieces. Whatever happened could understand by anybody, the fume was diffused in the airport. The start of terror play at 8 am ended at 79th minutes.
The 35 people died and more than 200 injured. ISIS took the responsibility of these explosions.
Belgium has declared 3 days national condolence and 4th level Brussels emergency. The investigating agencies raided many suspected places to nab these terrorists. It is also being tracked that the suspected of Brussels blast were somehow involved with the Paris attack.
Many suspected had been taken in custody here after Paris attack. The 3 suspect’s photographs have been released of this attack. It is apprehended that 2 of these blew up themselves in suicide blast, while third is being looked. According to report, the suicide attackers were two real brothers.
3 suspects photograph in Zaventem have been released of which two blew himself in suicide blast, while third of them could not be detected.
PM Modi expressed the grief over the death and the injuries. He said that the attack increased the concern of whole world. The opposition leader, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi both condemned the attack.
Barack Obama also condemned the attack. He has assured Belgium to provide every help to fight against the terrorism. He said, “I came to Cuba to bury the last remains of cold war.”
For the candidature of president, Hillary Clinton, the republican, and Donald Trump, the democratic expressed the grief over the death of people.
British Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted that he is surprised by news of the attack. He has offered to help in every way to Belgium.We all are in battle field. The French has increased its police forces; the whole Europe is running more risk of terrorism. We cannot let win the terror at any cost.
Belgian Prime Minister termed the attack as cowardice and violent action.  The Eiffel Tower on Tuesday evening in solidarity with black, yellow and red will be lighted against the attack.
Infosys has informed, Raghavendra Ganesan, resident of Bangalore, an Indian employee of Infosys working there, is the missing after terror attack in Brussels.
The foreign ministry told, “Indian embassy at Belgium is trying to find Ganesan.”
Two Indian were injured in explosions. Two crew members, Nidhi Chhapekar and Amit Motwani, of jet airways were injured on Tuesday blast.

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