Union Budget Boost Rural India

The government of suit and boot introduced the pro-rural budget in parliament on Monday. The PM Modi has dubbed Jaitly’s budget centered on rural development.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bareilly had said, he dreams of seeing farmers’ income getting doubled by 2022 when the country completes 75 years of its independence. Farmers look towards governments after God and it is imperative on us to ensure that the farmers are looked after well.”
He added, “I exhort all state governments that they should work on the road map before them and I am sure that my dream and your dream will succeed,”.
The finance minister has put the vision ahead in the budget. The 25 thousand crore Rupees have been allowcated for the farmers, while the government has shown concern over the ground structure of rural areas.
The irrigation fund of 20 thousand crore Rupees has been granted to NABARD for the help of Farmers; Rupees 17000 crore, for irrigation project. Rupees 35984 crores have been allowcated separately for agriculture and the UPA’s most popular MNREGA for the purpose of rural employment to the village labourers has got the work of 5 lakh ponds.

Arun Jaitly in his budget speech said clearly that his government has the first priority to the villages of country. This caused the organic farming in 5 lakh acre areas in budget has been declared. Rupees 500 crore has been given to promote the production of the pulses crops. Rupees 9 lakh crore has been arranged to make easy loan to the farmers in the country. Rupees 5500 crore has been allocated to the crop insurance.

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