What does he hear?...When will he hear?: Congress hit back on PM

The main opposition party congress on Monday hit back on PM Modi, responding on the allegations congress said that ‘Nautanki’ in parliament might entertain well his supporters. The congress party has reminded the PM that his mere work is to give the result.
It is interesting that the congress has hit back on the allegation by the PM on the same tune, as the finance minister, Arun Jaitley,has targeted Rahul Gandhi on 'Face Book post'… ‘how much he knows…When will he know?’ Congress said, ‘what does he hear?’ and ‘When will he hear?'”
The opposition parties have alleged that Modi has unheard even the voice of his own ministers, the students, the Dalits and the farmers. It is time to come in real from the imaginary world. The AICC stated that the Pulses have rated two times still in Market since he took the charge of government. The output is his duty and to ask the question is ours.

The Congress party said that when the man stepped ahead from the post of CM to Prime Minister, The public expect certainly that the man will have the sobriety of desired level, the temptation of a little hearing, and the freedom from his own voice tune.
The congress party has said that the people have begun to surprise after the 2 months of the discomfort, the movement and the uncountable drift is “how does he heard… when will he hear.”
The review report published on the website of congress party that such man, in May 2014, a trend seen; whose detestation politics had been criticized in the world community was elected to lead the world highest democracy.
Rahul Gandhi alleged the union government has been suppressing the voice of deprived group, poor and the tribal community.
 “A delegation of congress legislators, tribal community of Bastar in Chhattisgarh, and other areas came to meet me”, said Rahul after his residence meeting. They told me, “the BJP government is suppressing their voice."
Rahul said, “You silenced the voice of Rohith Vemula in Hyderabad. Here our students and Kanhaiya Kumar are on life threat. Wherever the poor, Dalit, the farmers and the small business men are demanding their rights, they are being suppressed by the NDA government."  He added these are the power of the country. Don't exercise the atrocities over them please.

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