100 Rebels Killed In Syria Fighting During 24 Hours

More than 100 rebels in fierce fighting with the government security forces were killed in Northern Province in Aleppo in Syria during last 24 hours. According to a TV report said, "Syrian observatory for human right said that South part of Northern Province which was in possession of rebels was targeted by Syrian air force."
Syrian rescue workers and residents help an injured woman
The fighting started when al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front attacks in the government controlled area. The Syrian government called the attacks a violation of the ceasefire. Nusra Front itself has withdrawn from the agreement which came in application after truce backed by US-Russia, but it is with some other rebel groups who have maintained the agreement.
More than 780 people were freed from ISIS trapped city Hit Iraq 
In another struggle Iraqi security forces also fought fiercely on Tuesday against the ISIS terrorists. Many areas in the possession of ISIS in Hit city of Western province Anbar now have been freed from the terrorists. 35 terrorists of IS were killed and many vehicles in their possession have been destroyed.
According to news agency Sinhua, the intense attack operation to expel the ISIS terrorists from Hit city is continued jointly by the security forces and the ethnic Sunni fighters. The city is 160 kilometer away from national capital Baghdad. 8 security personnel and were killed in this operation and 5 other, injured.

According to information, the fighter plane of coalition army’s led by America and the security forces after the intense fighting captured the areas of districts Johor, Qadisiyah and Western part of Hit, Shuhada. Thousands of people were in trap of city. Slowing the combat operation in past few days the security forces were to give the safe passage to the public.

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