60 shanties gutted by fire; torched by domineering.

The domineering of village torched to ashes the 60 residential shanties of 14 dwellers in old enmity under Kotwali Police Station Shivpur Diyar last week. Sanjay Gonde, 40, was shot; 13 people injured in firing. 9 people were arrested. 
According to information, Dalit community reside in the shanties for the decades in the village, but the domineering claimed the land belong to him. 
The matter is pending in the court; the spot has not been commissioned so far; the offenders had manhandled these families many times earlier.
It was midnight of March 28 last month when the winning of India against Australia in cricket match was being celebrated; meanwhile the miscreant torched the adjoining pile of weed to the shanties. The fire engulfed amid the shanties. The flame outbreak was intense; the man began to manhandle badly the person inside shanties.
Rihai Manch alleged, “The domineerings of village who intend to dispossess them from the land are the accomplice of legislator of Balia Sadar constituency, Narad Rai.”

THE BUNT LINE tried to contact with police station on mobile-9454403011 to find the reality of claim; but the respondent, saying wrong number, refused to talk; and the mobile number-9454403000 did not receive the call.

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