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     'Beware of Dogs', such a tagline which we can see in most of the warning plates around commonly on the gate of homes. Mostly we are aware of them, but if the stray dogs attack on you, what really be -- if you get attacked by them! 
      Such an incident took place few days back when an old man around 70 years was strolling roadside.

     He got attacked by some stray dogs and really got some serious injuries physically. Now, he is admitted to Sahara hospital Gomti Nagar. His hip bone got dislocated; his legs are not working properly; and he has got a neck surgery also. Later the doctors at Sahara Hospital referred him to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital for further treatment. His condition is still critical. Lets pray for him so that he can get well soon; and civic administration must take serious action.
                                                                                             Sonali Das, Lucknow

 Heading published -- needs to be corrected

    This refers to the report 'Death Anniversary of Senior Journalist Celebrated' (April 4). Perhaps the heading is not agreeable with the function. In my opinion It was remembrance gathering which was held by the loving followers, friends and other close one in respect of 'Late' veteran journalist.

The material printed as above heading published in THE BUNT LINE,(Vol 26 year 2, Page 3) needs correction.
                                                                                    Pranjal Srivastav, Lucknow


It is regretted that the antonyms which does not agreeable in meaning with the function held was published. It was a mistake and has been taken in cognizance. The print materials before publishing will be more thoroughly checked.  
                                                                                       Kshitiz Kant, Editor

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