Locals raped Wife; Christian Hubby In Pakistan Army

Wife of a Christian, Employee in Pakistan Army, was gang-raped by the two locals. A complaint against the sons of the landlords has been registered in Toba Tek Singh area under police station Rajna.

The employee stated in the complaint that the son of landlord, and his friend, scaled over the wall to trespass at late night in the plot no 291 GB; tied his wife with the bed on gun point; and gangraped her. The accused hit her by gun to silence the scream. Having heard the groan and scream the neighbours reached the spot to save her.

 The victim Asia's spouse is an employee in Pakistan Army in Peshawar city. The wife lives alone in a village 100 Miles away from Peshawar city. The incident took place on 20th April 2016 during the night. According to the employee, the Pakistan army is powerful, but the benefit of power is merely available to the Muslim employees. The accused Muslim boys'families are threatening to withdraw the case.

 According to FIR, the accused Mohd Zeeshan and Mohd Rizwan both had tied the legs and hands of his wife with the bed; threatened to kill by pointing gun. Both the accused, sons of landlords, respectively Mohd Arif and Mohd Farooq, gangraped her. The victim Asia Bibi is being threatened continuously by both families to withdraw the case. 

 Asia has told that she is not satisfied with the medical examination and legal action because doctors and police are biased to the families of accused. Asia has demanded her protection from the accused families, a separate investigation and medical examination.

 Rai Farooq Kharal, incharge of police station Rajana, said that he would access to the extent of 
Justice to the victim, despite being the different pressure. He said that both the accused have been arrested under section 376 PPC. The gun use to threaten at the time of incident has been recovered.

Ayub Masih and Jahid Masih including many other neighbours said that they had seen some people to jump over the wall to run away when they reached the spot to help her hearing the scream and groan of Asia Bibi. They freed her tied hands and legs from the bed; and informed the Police Rajana.

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