Naela Quadri denied RAW presence in Balochistan; sought India's intervention in restive province

Naila Quadri, president World Baloch Women Forum, on Saturday targeted on Pakistan and said, “Balochistan is not the part of Pakistan, but Pak has occupied it.” She demanded Indian intervention in the restive province. It is to inform that the brawl of alleged spy, Kulbhushan Jadhav’s arrested in Baluchistan, did not solve.
Naila said with news agency ANI, “Baluchistan is not the part of Pakistan. Pakistan has occupied it. India must intervene in Baluchistan. The genocide in Baluchistan by Pakistan should be prevented by India.”
She said on the arrest of alleged RAW agent, “There is no presence of RAW in Baluchistan.”
She said, “RAW or other such agency is not there in presence that could be supporting to Baluchistan.”
She said, “It is bogus. We don't know where they arrested him. While they are showing it, ‘this happened in Pak.”
It is noticeable, Kulbhushan Jadhav, an Indian, was arrested allegedly in Baluchistan a few days ago and he was being told as RAW agent. The home minister of Baluchistan province has claimed that the Indian intelligence agency has the nexus with the terrorists in province, while Pakistani administration released a video of confession in which motion picture of Kulbhushan speaks him an intelligence agent.  India dismissed the Pakistani claim that Jadhav is a RAW agent.
Mir Sarfaraz Bugti statement in Dawn is: “an Indian spy has been arrested from South Baluchistan province. It is evident after the arrest of RAW officer that the situation has worsened in Baluchistan because of outsider intervention — especially of RAW!”
Now that would be nothing more than the evidence if his officer was working by sitting in Baluchistan?

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