Panchayati Raj Day, Prime Minister said: country's real growth is development of villages

 The Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday appealed to the women  delegates of India to watch the development work. He was addressing the public delegates on Panchayati Raj Day at Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. He added that one third Women, Gram Pradhan, of India should monitor the development work in the country. The women delegates must have to go ahead to perform their duties to confirm the dream of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar.

 The Prime Minister said, "that the midday meal project in government schools fund reach to the right beneficiary must have to care it by the Women participants of Gram Sabha." Mahatma Gandhi had said, "the spirit of india lives in the villages." Despite it the development between Urban and Rural have a big gaps.

 The Union Government has proposed the provision of huge amount in budget for the development of villages. Therefore the people of villages to help the projects descending have to go ahead; consequently the needful benefits of it can be in access of villagers. "The Rural India has blessed their faith on me for the five years, I'm trying to fulfill their hopes", he said.

 The PM appealed to the women delegates of Panchayati Raj to make successful the toilet construction project of government in the villages under the Clean India Campaign. He said that the women should help in making the ambitious project successful. He appealed to promote the health awareness to prevent the death of pregnant women. He also appealed to make the Pulse Polio Campaign fruitful to prevent the children's disability.

 PM Modi discussed on the project of 'Gram Udai Se Bharat Udai'(village rise to India rise) on Panchayati Raj Day. He added that the project launched from the native land of Birsa Munda, the village of Babasaheb, have been also quite extensive. He said that the officers and Ministers are going to the villages in scorching heat. That the people keep them remember in five years should be working by the delegates in this manner. 

 Now the Government of India has been relieved from Delhi to the other province of Hindustan, he said. He stressed that the villages should have the road and the electric power. The 30 lakhs delegates are in our country. The 40% of them are women. Our mothers and the sisters can bring the change in the leadership. If they desire, they can play the active roll to make the dowry free, digital, water accumulation, green village, bal mitra, and social health card for their villages.

 He emphasised," The people of villages burns the wood hearth today, which causes to inhale of 400 cigarettes smoke by our mothers and sisters daily." We have to relief them giving the domestic gas. Together this the farmers can now under 'Inam Yojana' will decide where to sell their items. The optical fibre network will reach to the every village.

 Virendra Singh, the state rural development Minister of Jharkhand, said that the policy of panchayat had been decided from Delhi but the PM Modi brought it out from Delhi. The banks were of Governments, really Narendra Modi has nationalised it now.

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