Rahul Gandhi attacks Mamata Banerjee and PM Modi in Howrah rally

       The political attacking is intense during the assembly election in West Bengal. The congress vice-president, Rahul Gandhi, on Saturday lashed out on ruling Mamta Banerjee in the state and Modi government in the centre in Hawarah Kolkota.
      Rahul Gandhi said that Mamta Ji had lied promising with Bengal people, and his friend Modi Ji has been also lying with the people 
      Rahul said, "Such incidents came out due to many malpractices taken place in the regime."
       Rahul added that a TMC leader was assigned the contract of flyover bridge work ... He said there is sindicate rule nowadays in west Bengal.
        Rahul said that the TMC government looted the saving and deposit money of peoples through 'Sarda Chit Fund Scam'. The government work is to provide healthy atmosphere, educations and employment, but the government did nothing. It looted yours whole money of saving and deposits through Saradha Chit Fund Scam. Rahul alleged the government of Bengal that it was failed to generate the employment in the state.
         Rahul said, "The peoples used to go Bengal to find the jobs, but now they go to other state for the purpose; because everybody knows that the government of Mamata Banerjee cannot provide the jobs in the state." 
       He assured to the people in the rally that if the congress comes in power, it will have the priority of giving jobs to the people in Bengal.

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