Supreme Court Order Is Interim: Harish Rawat Said

The Apex Court has stayed the revocation of President Rule by Nainital High Court on Friday and upheld the President rule in Uttarakhand. The decision of apex court is a relief for the Union Government, While it is presumed a big jolt to the congress leader Harish Rawat .
However Harish Rawat including other congress leaders has welcomed the decision of apex court. Mr. Rawat said it's an interim decision of Apex Court.
Harish Rawat reacts on court decision, “His party has always believed on the court.”
According to Harish Rawat he is existing C.M. of Uttarakhand according to the decision of Apex Court.
Harish Rawat said," There is no fiasco for the decision of apex court in his group." Rawat added that they are habitual of raising questions targeting the court in case the decision does not according to their desire.
Vijay Bahuguna raised question on the working of Harish Rawat during last 24 hours. He said when there is no receiving of decision copy ,what was the need to call a cabinet meeting?
According to Bahuguna, “ Harish Rawat wanted to highlight the matter in other way; the decision of apex court is a big jolt to Harsh Rawat.”

Harish Rawat took 11 incessant decisions in the cabinet meeting.

9 rebels (Cong MLA) on their dismissal of membership by High Court reached to Supreme Court on Friday. They all appealed to franchise their votes during floor test of assembly and to restore their memberships.
It is noticeable that Nainital High Court had gave decision to remove the president rule in Uttarakhand; the supreme court stayed the order. The president rule will remain impose in Uttarakhand till 27 April, the date of next hearing.

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