Trilogy In Murder Of NIA Officer Exposed

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Police follow-through of investigation in the murder case of NIA officer was not to know about the personal animosity or property dispute in this case. They were of the view in begining that the killed officer’s field work was western UP. His assignment was to track the IM and SIMI network.
 According to a report on TV channel, Mr Tanjil Ahmad had played an important role to unearth the SIMI and IM terror net work in Western UP. 
24 bullets shot at him ruthlessly it raised many questions.. It was assumed that the officer was on the hit list of SIMI, IM and even ISIS because of he had put three terror organisations plaguing by his strong net-working. He had kept sketching a big master plan to uproot the whole network, which resulted this murder.
Mohammad Shami link ISIS, a resident of Delhi Shahdara, had been arrested. NIA had arrested 47 people’s links with ISIS and SIMI in the country after this. The various arrests had been enabled by the information tip of this officer. The west UP has been always on the scanner of vigilance. Tanjil had his informer crept into the network of these organisations.
The UP police on Tuesday have exposed the different story in murder mystery. Police claimed that there were no terror linked story in murder conspiracy, but the murder was organized on a personal animosity and hatred. IG Barrely zone told, “The conspirator of murder was Munir.”
IG VK Meena told media persons at Bijnor police line that the murder conspiracy had been hatched by Munir. It was he who had prepared Ryan and Junail to kill Tanjil. No terror groups’ connection with the murder has yet emerged in this case. Mere three facts the animosity, the transaction of money and the property dispute were the chief motive behind this murder.
According to police, Ryan has confessed that he was present with his father on the day of incident in marriage ceremony. He had met there with other accused. Munir had handed over a pistol and revolver wrapped in black shirt. They, all in waylaid, were waiting Tanjil outside the ceremonial place. 
Tanjil came out from the marriage ceremony with his family. Munir and Ryan began to tailgating boarded on motorbike. As they reached at a culvert near Sahaspur, Munir and Ryan overtook Tanjil car and started indiscriminate firing.
After killing Tanjil, Munir and Ryan returned back, later Munir and Junail went to their homes. Police said that Munir, using fake ID, had taken a flat on rent near Batla House in Delhi.
IG said that Munir was to revenge with Tanjil was the motive to kill. Rs 91 lakhs were robbed in Dhampur Bijnor last year in December. The robbery was carried out by Munir with his friend Rizwan. He had gone to his home next day of this loot where he told that the police manhunt was continued  behind him. At the time of this talk, two people were present there, who were hearing the whole story by Munir. Police had identified Munir and he was being searched. Munir was in suspicion that Tanjil had informed the police about him. However the police have not yet disclosed the secret how was Tanjil known Munir and the loot? Since then Munir was searching to kill Tanjil Ahmad. 
IG, Meena, added that the anger and hatred against Tanjil made Ryan offender in this case. Tanjil did not help Ryan on his call angered Ryan. A case in police station had been registered against his family in Delhi. Ryan asked help from Tanjil; Tanjil did not give help him in this matter — which felt Ryan bad! Ryan maintained hatred in mind and this caused the help to Munir in the murder of NIA officer.
The weaponry in Tanjil murder and loot in Dhampur was same. This has been certified in forensic lab that the cell of bullets were found in Dhampur and in Murder of NIA officer were used in both cases from 9 MM revolver.

Ryan told during police inquiry that Munir was shouting at the moment of killing, ‘more be informants.'
Rs 50000 bounty over Munir has been declared. Munir is out of police trap. Police continued its manhunt.

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