Agreement On Chabahar Port Signed Between India And Iran

A new chapter of friendship has been included between India and Iran in Tehran on Monday. The sign on accord on Chabahar port in the presence of President (Iran) Hasan Ruhani and the Prime Minister (India) Narendra Modi between both the countries were done. Why it was on priority and how it was important for India? Chabahar tripartite agreement among India, Afghanistan and Iran is very important.
1.Chabahar is a port situated in the province Sistan- Baluchistan of South East Iran. India, bypassing neighbouring country Pakistan, will make a waterway upto Chabahar port; a path by road upto Afghanistan.  It is important to tell that Afghanistan has no seashore border and India has a defence and Economic Interest with this Country.
2.Western Seashore of India will have easy conveyance to reach this port that is situated outside the Gulf of faras. The time and expenses of transportation of Goods will reduce 1/3rd in India by this Port.
3.Iran has a plan to develop this port as a transit hub to make easy plying to markets in the North part of  Indian ocean and in the middle Asia.

4.  Pakistan in Arabian Sea developed its Gwadar Port and provided its services to China which has been erected against India; consequently after developing the Chabahar Port India will get the chance to promote its trade and Business through this waterway upto Afghanistan and Iran; and it will counter Pakistan and China because the distance between Chabahar and Gwadar has 60 miles away.

5. India is in those Countries which have good trade relation with Iran. India is the second largest buying of Crude oil from Iran after China.

6. Chabahar Port may be added by link road network in Iran upto Afghanistan (zaranj), which is 883 Km away from the port. The road was developed by India in 2009 between Zaranj and Delram. The plying will be easy upto Garland Highway of Afghanistan by this road.  This Highway makes easy access of 4 big city of Afghanistan; namely,Herat , Kandahar, kabul and mazar-e-sharif.
7.India and Iran, however, had agreed upon to develop this road in the year 2003. Modi Government gave its acceptance of credit of 150 million dollar for the Chabahar project in February 2016.
8. This project was slowed after the imposition of ban on Iran by the western Countries in the wake of atomic programme.  India began the steady working on this project after lifting the ban in January 2016.
9.The fifth part of Crude Oil consumption in the world passes through this straits, which divides the Gulf of Pharas from the Gulf of Oman and Indian ocean.
10. In the first phase of this Chabahar Port project  India is going to invest more than 200 million dollars. The money 150 million dollars have been included in this sum. India will invest on this project 500 million dollars.

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