Leaders are desperate to increase their wages -- PMO seeks new mechanism

"When the government employees stage Dharna and demand their wages hike, they frequently speak, 'leaders always hike their perks to what they want?'": such 'statement' first time is going to be break in history.

No matter the finance ministry has approved the proposal to hike the perks of law makers, but the file stuck in the PMO. According to information, the PMO does not now intend in the favour of approving this proposal.

PM thinks that the law maker shouldn't decide themselves their wages, but their wages should be formatted by other mechanisms. PMO has proposed that the pay commission decides the wages of employees; the salary and allowances of law makers should be prepared through identical procedure by independent body.

The two times of pay for the law makers was proposed in House. The pay (Rs 50000) was proposed to increase up to Rs 1 lacs. The allowances for the office and the Parliamentary constituency were also proposed to increase up to two times. The gross salary and allowances of law makers have been recommended Rupees 2 lacs and 80 thousands in this proposal.

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