Election Manifesto of AIADMK Released

 J. Jayalalitha, the party chief of AIADMK, has released the election manifesto. She lured the voters by promising its 10 point declaration.

1- Everybody who holds the ration card will be given free mobile phone.

2-The children will have morning breakfast under free meals scheme.

3-  Amma Fund of 100 crores will be established  for the purpose of small institutions.

4- The first generation entrepreneurs will be given subsidy.

5- The 6 months maternity leave will be increased up to 9 months.

6- The loans of co-operative banks which were given to farmers will be forgiven.

7- Rs 500 free gift coupons will be given to every ration card holders during Pongal.

8-78 Lacs domestic consumers will be given 100 Megawatt free powers.

9- The free laptops scheme will be continued and free internet will also be given.

10 the women will be trained for driving the auto rickshaw and the loans will be given to buy the auto rickshaw.

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