Etawah peasant ate poison at CM residence

Sant Vijay, 40, an indebted farmer, resident of village Kakrahiya district Etawah in a  suicidal attempt ate poison at the Chief Minister residence Lucknow on Sunday. The Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav,also hails from district Etawah.
The farmer had reached at CM residence for the purpose of waiving the loan. he came under depression after not being met with the CM, consequently he ate poison. while the chief minister has already issued the directives to the officers to redress seeing the debt ridden farmers' problems.
The bank officers have also been ordered not to upset the indebted peasants. Surprisingly this incident happened because of not paying attention on his voice by subordination. the farmer was tormented by the bank officer and Ameen where district administration deafen or paid no attention on his plight. 
sant vijay was rushed to civil hospital for treatment where his condition is serious.

he had borrowed Rs 2 lacs loan from bank on kisan credit card. the worsen condition of monsoon and the season in the past, both  brought him on verge of economic crunch. he was not in condition to pay loan.
Despite several instructions by the government, the bank officers and Ameens are tormenting continuously to indebted farmers; they are being  stressed to pay the loan, consequently they are in condition to commit suicide.

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